SALEbration and Giveaways!

Hi friends! I'm headed off to church in a bit, but I wanted to stop by and make you aware of a couple things.
1. I'm having a SALEbration over at my Etsy shop! Use the coupon code SUMMERCELEBRATION to get 15% off my products! Click the picture below to go there and start shopping!

2. Have you noticed my different pages above? Remember, you can fill out the form on Be my Guest! to guest blog for me during my vacation! But the one I want to point you towards today is This Week's Giveaways! Instead of using my precious blog space to inform you of giveaways, I am putting them all on one page! Now you can go and see some of the giveaways of the week, what is being won, the date it ends, and a link to the giveaway! Check back often, because there are always lots of them going on!

That's all I have today! Remember to email me if you'd like to contribute to my 100 follower giveaway!
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