Seeing Triple!!!

Hi everyone! Just to forewarn you, this will be a mega post! I'm about to BURST!!! :D
Saturday I ran in the Happiest 5k on earth! It was SO SO SO much fun! I ran/walked with a group of friends, and it was AMAZING!! Here are some of the highlights!


It was one of the highlights of my summer! I'm linking up to Emily's

2. Next on the list is my link up with
This is my first week linking up with the TRIPLE F linky!
I made my second trip of the season to Target this week and found some great finds!
I want to use the back scratchers (dollar spot find!) as pointers! I'm excited to dress them up!
Aren't the labels cute? They're polka dotted!
The 4 votive holders were on summer clearance for 88 cents each! I don't know what I'll use them for yet, but they're super cute!
I had to get this adorable paisley duct tape!
I saw this straw dispenser on Pinterest
and wanted to see if the standing one would work. unfortunately, it's way too flimsy for the kids, but I'm sure I'll find something to use it for!
The shoe storage is another dollar spot find. I'm thinking it would be good as storage for everything I need by the whiteboard. We'll see though!
The frames will be used for the weekly schedule pinterest inspiration:
I looked for a collage frame, but just getting the 4 packs of frames was a lot cheaper! Now I just need to fill and attach them! Future Monday Made It!
Target did fail me once though (*gasp*). i spent almost 20 minutes around the store looking for one thing: clothespins! I'm one of those people who won't ask for help, except for my last resort (I can find it myself, right?! :). THIS WAS A LAST RESORT. I asked a guy, after scouring the office, crafts, scrapbooking, and school supplies sections, and guess what he said?
"We don't carry clothespins anymore." WHAT? YOU DON'T CARRY CLOTHESPINS? THE STORE WHO IS A DIY/CRAFTERS/TEACHERS PARADISE DOESN'T CARRY A KEY COMPONENT? It's crazy, right? (Or maybe I'm just crazy!) Anywho, don't go into target expecting to buy clothespins, because you won't find them!

I also went to Dollar Tree a couple weeks ago and found some more goodies!
Everything is pretty self explanatory, but the stirrers and glow sticks. These would be great for a fun reading time as a reward!

3. Personal update: This past weekend has been cray cray! My fam moved out of my grandparents house and into our house's basement (since the upstairs is just 2x4s!). We took so many trips back and forth, but now we're finally moved! The "fun" now has started: all 5 of us plus our dog in a 4 room basement for 6 months! At least I get my own room! But we all have to share a bathroom! Also, still searching long and hard for a job!

4. Last night I plopped down on my new bed, in my new room and received the greatest surprise! I'm now in the TRIPLE digits!! That's right, I have 100 followers!!!!!! EEK!  I never thought in a million years that I would have 100 followers when I started my blog in March!! I'll let you know about a celebration that I'm concocting soon!!!!!!

5. With my busy weekend, I haven't been able to finish my Monday Made Its! Look for that later this week!!! But I have a freebie to hold you over! *UPDATE: THE DOWNLOAD WORKS PROPERLY NOW*
Classroom Freebies Manic Monday

6. I am uber excited. With this whole overhaul thing my parents are doing on our house, we are changing out all the shutters on the house. These babies are 1950s VINTAGE. What does that mean for me and my crafting/teaching self? A whole lot of shutters are coming my way, for me to do fun Pinterest projects with!! Like this:
super super stoked!!

7. I found this deal on livingsocial today:
(Click the picture to go there) have tons of magazines, including ones for kids! I bought this deal to spend on another magazine subscription for my classroom library! Now go get yours before its too late!!




  1. Great finds Allie!! I love the back scratchers that you found! :)
    Learning Is Something to Treasure

  2. The Scategories Game sounds great! I can't seem to get it to download from TPT however. I'll try it again tomorrow. Looking forward to it...thanks!
    3rd Grade Grapevine

    1. Thanks for letting me know! TPT wasn't working for me last night, but I updated it this morning, and now it downloads properly!

  3. Thanks so much for linking up :) I love all of your wonderful finds.


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