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Hello wonderful peeps! So today my post is going to be a little bit different than normal. I love talking about crafts, teachery things, and life, but today I'm starting a series called:

As teachers, it seems like we are always taking care of others- whether it's our students, our fellow teachers, family, etc. The one thing we tend to neglect is ourselves! I'm on a mission to healthful living this summer, and I hope you'll join me! We need to be healthy, so we can be there for our students! I mean, our symbol's an apple for crying out loud! So this series, The Healthy Truth, will be a once-a-week post on Fridays to do exactly what it says above: to encourage you, share experience with you, and live healthful lives together! We ALL should be working on living healthier. It's not something you can fully achieve, it's a lifelong project!

Today, I wanted to start at square 1. How do we start or continue to "live healthy?" Well, there's a couple of things I will introduce, that will be part of my weekly posts.
This is a huge part of living healthy. You could do every part right, but if you're not eating right, it's all going to waste. I'm NOT saying, don't eat. That also is not healthy. Your body NEEDS nourishment! But we need to be putting the right things in. Here's how you should think in terms of food groups:
1. vegetables
2. protein
3. fruit
4. dairy
5. grains
I don't want to get on my soapbox, that is not what I'm here to do! Here's what I'll leave you with as far as eating goes. Think about what goes into your mouth! Don't just grab a bag of chips and eat the whole thing because you're hungry. Ask yourself, how should I eat? I'll talk more about that later, but here's food for thought;
I know, I don't always like it. It's hot, sweaty, and no fun at all. But it produces results! Here's my suggestion. Take some money out of your personal classroom/crafting budget, and put it towards a gym membership. You will be glad you did! My battle is getting into that gym. Once I'm there, it's silly not to work out! Also, everyone's in the same boat! You'll see people of all shapes, sizes, ages, and abilities, all working on living healthy! I go to 24 hour fitness, and I love it because, guess what? IT'S OPEN 24 HOURS! And, they have gyms worldwide! We're all in this together! Don't single yourself out!
Inspiration of the week:
So, what are you waiting for?

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