Flyin, Splat, OHP, and a Package

Hey there bloggy buds! WOW. This week is just FLYIN' by! Though I haven't been crazy busy, each day has been filled up! I can't wait to share my Monday Made Its, but I have to find time to finish them first! I have been failing trying to go to my church's 6 am prayer meetings every day this week. Why I chose the 6 am time, is because i can't squeeze it in any other time I have no idea! Anywho, I'm trying again tomorrow...wish me luck! (I might just have to wear tomorrow's clothes to bed, so I'm motivated to get up!)
So, I tried to make a dessert from Pinterest today for a party and it definitely went SPLAT! Here was my goal...
And my creation...
never existed in pictures. It was THAT bad. I mean not-cooking-the-caramel-long-enough-and-putting-too-much-caramel-on-the-shortbread-so-when-i-cut-it-into-pieces-it-all-fell-apart-and-went-SPLAT bad. So. My next kitchen purchase is a candy thermometer. It all tasted delish- but it looked like a mess. And I'm REALLY not a fan of taking a mess and presenting it in front of a bunch of people, but thats what it had to come to tonight. 
I just have to link up to 
Here are my OHP finds of the week!
pin // great idea for a wedding or any party!
pin// and this TOTALLY failed me today!!
pin// i thought this was really interesting...something extra to teach our kiddos!
pin ice cube painting!
A special package came in the mail today! It made me SQUEAL with joy! Can you guess what was in it?
* the company's main colors are sky blue and white.
* the company's name is a man's name
* the company gives to a non-profit organization.

YAY!! My first pair of toms shoes came! I have loved the notion of this company since it first started: the vision, the beliefs, and how it helps kids all over the world! So I purchased my first pair for my birthday :). I got red classic toms like these:
The thing is, I got mens size 12. I have big feet. I know. And the length was PERFECT. But the width? notsomuch. unfortunately they're a bit tight in the middle of the foot. My question is
Should I try to wear them for a bit and see if they will stretch out?
Exchange them for a bigger size?

Do you have toms? do they stretch? Also, my feet are WIDE and still have quite a bit of water weight on them. So should I keep them and wait to lose more weight for them to fit better? I'm kinda at a loss, and would love your advice!!
I am really behind on Teacher Week, so I'm thinkin I'm going to wait til friday or saturday to get those posts out to ya!
Also. I'VE EXTENDED MY MEGA-GIVEAWAY! Here's the widget in case you don't want to go to the original post.

PS: did you see my updated profile picture up there? that was from my trip to Maine- more pics coming soon!
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  1. I love the chevron print on the fan. Great place to add some style.

    1. i loved it too! I never would have thought of doing something like that!

  2. It would be a perfect world if everything we tried from Pinterest turned out the way it looks on there. Right? I live the "Nailed It" pins because they make me feel so much better :)

    1. haha i know! i think the nailed it pins are hilarious too :)

  3. My theme is polka dots and owls.


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