Its Time!

The Back 2 School sales are here! Are you excited? I am!
Remember, my TPT sale is going on today (sunday) through wednesday! But its only today and tomorrow you can get a whopping 25% off!
I want to highlight a couple of my products for you to add to your carts!!
1. Pail of Pals
This B2S activity is my most popular product! It's a great get-to-know you activity that will provide you groups all year long! With your 25% off, it will only cost ya $1.50!

2. Chevron Objectives Templates
These are a favorite of mine, and are great to display your weekly/daily objectives!

3. Travel-Themed Hall Passes
This is my absolute favorite product in my store! By the way, the two winners of this pack from my mini-giveaway this week are:
Leading and Reading
Stacy from Leading and Reading
and Lori (
I'll be emailing you shortly!

Here are some awesome products in my cart that I'll be purchasing!

What are your must-have purchases?

I'm also linking up with Farley for Currently-August!
I'm back from a fab vacay- but more on that later! 

Much love!
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  1. I agree with you on your currently link up, I'm in need of COFFEE as well.
    -Lovely Nina

    Lovely Little Learners


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