This Crazy Week....

wow. this is one of the first weeks in a LOOOONG time i've been this busy! so now i have some catching up to do {blog style}.
First off, I want to {finally} share my Monday Made It! It's a digital product I've been working on for a while, and finally just finished it!
It's my Class Journal Jar! I have created 30 fun, interesting prompts for your kiddos, so that, if needed, each student could write on a different prompt for 6 weeks! I'll be adding some fun-themed add-ons to this soon! This is in my TPT store waiting for you to purchase it! I also included labels in black and white and in color. The border around each prompt is chevron, and I found some ca-ute clipart to make them even better!
Next week I'll have more fun to show you!
Now onto
Monday I discussed my Must-Haves {Here}.
For techie tip tuesday, I have a couple of tips!
Rainy is a website you can pull up on your computer and instantly feel like you're surrounded in a rain storm. You can even add a soothing song of the day on top of it! This is a great way to calm down and help focus your students, especially when its been a rough day! The sound of rain is so soothing to me, and it can totally change your room's atmosphere, even if its sunny with a high of 115 degrees outside!
KeepVid is a great resource! Copy/Paste any youtube video link and you can download the video to your computer! No more removed videos or uncensored ads! I use this for presentations, and just to show videos in the classroom!

I am not currently teaching, so I'm skipping to therapy thursday!
One of my top therapies is working out! Though I'm still not where I want to be, I'm working towards it! Not only does it help me do that, it releases all the built-up toxins and just makes me feel so good!
Bubble Baths- ahh!
I puffy heart love tea! It soothes my soul ;) and spending time with friends!
Crafting, Baking, and Cooking are all very theraputic to me!
Serving God and others- spending time with God is the best therapy! Also, serving others gets my mind off of myself and onto someone else!
For Freebie Friday, I put together a mini-version of a new product I'm working on, called Wrist Reminders! Copy and Paste this link to go there!
For a very long time, kids have been wearing something on their wrists- from plain rubber bands, to LIVESTRONG bands, to friendship bracelets, to silly bands, and more! I have an armband that you will want your students to wear! Tape these on your students' arms for when they need a reminder of something, need to bring back an item to school, or more! That way the kids remember it, and the parents can see it too! I've included four types of bands, with four colors of each. I hope you enjoy!
today is the last day to enter my giveaway! now go!

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  1. no i don’t think so / hope not! this was just a sweet reminder of when making a friendship bracelet was
    allowed to be my big accomplishment of the day as opposed to now when i’m supposed to get to work on time and
    pay bills and such.friendship bracelet

  2. This is such a great idea! I love the library book reminder! Thank you!

    1. your welcome! follow my TPT store for more of them soon! thanks for following!


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