Hi friends! Whew! It's rough getting into a routine again! Though I'm not teaching, I'm up at 5:30 daily, going to 6 am prayer, working out, and then going to work each day. And I usually have something during the evening too! But tomorrow I'll have a few hours to "relax" in the evening, which means, a blog post! and the winner of my mega-giveaway! But I do want to do something for you all "just because". So, leave me a comment with your email and whatever you would like to tell me, and I'll email you...


Yeppers! I know most of you teachers have started school by now, and this is a great beginning of the year activity that also doubles over for partner activities throughout the year! The only request is that you follow my blog, leave me a comment (WITH YOUR EMAIL), and I'll email it to you THURSDAY MORNING!!

Much Love Peeps!! See ya manana!!
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  1. Hi Allie!

    I follow your blog and I'd love this!!

    I'm exhausted too! I forget how tiring the beginning of the year is! You're working at Bath and Body works right? How do you like it? If I worked there I'd spend my whole paycheck right in the store! :-)


  2. I am a follower! Been waking up early because of the baby and can't really go back to sleep, so I have been trying to print out school stuff before I wake up my two boys for school:)


  3. I agree with you. It is tough to get back into a routine.

  4. I am your newest follower. I found you through Tori's giveaway. Good for you for getting up early and being productive:)
    Kelly Teach


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