"How Do I..." Pinterest Edition pt. 1

Hey there friends! Time for another
I'm starting a series on being a blogger and Pinterest junkie! Because you know you are! So I'm starting with something that will {hopefully} bring a smile to your face! Did you know you could stalk yourself on Pinterest?
Say WHAT???
You can look to see who has pinned what from your blog onto Pinterest! Can you say, FAMOUS! Oh and by the way, it's incredibly easy too!
All you have to do is copy/paste this into your URL bar:
Keep the green the same.
Change the red to your blog's URL.
And be amazed! Here's what I see:
You'll see a couple pins are my own- as a blogger it's smart to pin your own blog, so you get even MORE people to see your ideas!
Another thing you see on some pins is a watermark. I've started doing this for that very reason, so when people pin my pictures, they know where they come from! (but that's another post in itself)

I hope you have fun stalking yourself and I hope it gives you some excitement, like it did me! 
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Photobucket - TeachersPayTeachers.com

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