The Healthy Truth: WHYYYY?????

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I'm all about the why. I won't truly commit to something without knowing why I'm doing it. So today I'm sharing the answer to a big WHY in the workout world:
Why does my weight loss depend on strength training as well as cardio?
We all know the key to losing weight is cardio- getting your heart rate up for an extended period of time to burn the calories. But that's not enough! Unless you're doing cardio for at least 2 hours a day, estimating that you burn about 600 calories per hour, you will just be able to burn all the calories you eat in the day, being very health-conscious. THAT is where strength training comes in! 
Automatically, your muscles are ALWAYS working. Even while I'm sitting here writing this post. My stomach and digestive system are working to digest the oatmeal I just ate. My hand muscles are working to type this. My back and neck muscles are holding my body up. My heart is pumping blood to the rest of my body. And I'm not even working out! 
So your muscles are ALWAYS working, which takes fuel, so they keep burning calories all day long. But, the LEANER and STRONGER your muscles are, the more calories they will burn! THAT is why we need to keep strengthening our muscles! The faster they are able to work, the faster your metabolism is able to burn the calories.
The next time you're at the gym, get started on some weight training! Look back next week for a guide on some basic strength training exercises to try!
One more thing, every week at the end of this segment, I'm going to give you my top 5 workout songs (in no particular order) from the week for you to check out!!
Red by Taylor Swift
And I had to include a Christmas one!!
Link up your posts on healthy living, or share some of your favorite workout tunes!!
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