So just FYI this post is going to be random at it's best! Life has been kinda crazy, and I feel like I need to explain, and inform you of some things. But stick with me!
Let's start with this past weekend! It was spectacular! I trekked over to Des Moines, Iowa to visit two of my very best friends, Alicia and Ann. 
at lunch- me, Alicia, Ann
 It was an action-packed weekend! On Sunday, my first day there, Alicia and I went up to Ames, IA with a group of her friends for a fun evening. We started at a coffee shop called Stomping Grounds

I got a delicous chai latte (also, I need a set of mugs like this one- love it).

Then we went to dinner at a restaurant called Hickory Park, but their known for their dessert! TONS of different ice creams- and we both got peppermint! It was yummy!

And finally, we headed to the concert! We saw The Rend Collective Experiment, Audrey Assad, and Tenth Avenue North.

Tenth Avenue North
Audrey Assad
 The next day, Alicia took me to the cutest french bakery, La Mie, for lunch!
And then we spent the day listening to christmas music in her apartment, and baking Pumpkin Chocolate Chip bread- a couple of my favorite things!!
 We met up with Ann for dinner and got sushi!

I was supposed to leave the next morning at 5:30 am- but we wayyy overslept- so my trip was prolonged to that evening! So what else was there to do but head to starbucks!?
first red cup of the season!!
All in all, a fabulous weekend!!
So, I got my schedule for work next week...and I'm working 36 hours!! CRAZY! But that means time to blog will be few and far between. Soooo, I would CrAzY {puffy} heart some guest bloggers! Shoot me an email if you're interested!! I'd love to feature you!!
Amanda at Teaching Maddeness featured me on her blog today! Click the button to hop on over!!!
Alright. That's all I've got today!! Hope you all are loving life!
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