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Hello lovely readers! First of all, let me say that I am OVERWHELMED by all my new readers!! THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU for joining me on this journey called life (and blogging). Somehow within 24 hours of the Jammin Jan Jiveaway starting, my readership grew to 300! Holy cow! I'm so excited to have you all, and of course for all my faithful followers. Because of all my newbies, I thought I'd write a little icebreaker post- so you can get to know me a little better! And, because I'm a teacher, we're going to do the ABCs of me! Here goes:
Age: 22 years young!

Baker: I love to bake and cook! I post recipes I've tried on the blog, and love getting inspiration from Pinterest! I've loved to cook since I was little- baking with my mom! The food network is one of my go-to TV channels :) Here's an example:
Chicken Pot Pie
Career: teacher! I hope to teach around the world one day, right now I'm working on getting my certification in Nebraska, so I can start teaching!

Dog: Sophie- she's a bichon aka a little white fluffball full of spunk!

Entrepreneur-  I started my business a couple of years ago, and it is called Dipstix! I make chocolate-covered pretzel rods with all kinds of delicious toppings, wrap them individually, and sell them by the dozen. I love doing different themes, like right now, I'm selling my Valentines Day Stix to friends and family where I live, AND on Etsy for all of you!

Family- family is super important to me! Here was our christmas card picture this year- :)

 God- I wholeheartedly believe Jesus is my Savior and have a relationship with Christ. He is my everything!

Hair- I'm not trying to be conceited, but I am blessed with great hair! I've been growing it out for a couple years now, and it's long, and thick, and it's one of my favorite physical features. If you follow me on social media (and here) you will see pictures of the fun hair styles I try out. My favorite is braids of all kinds!

Instagram- Instagram is BY FAR my favorite social media outlet and iPhone app! I'd love for you to follow me! I try to post a picture once a day.

Jaw surgery- I had jaw surgery 2 summers ago and it was pretty intense! They broke my top jaw in 2 places and bottom jaw in 3. I was SO swollen for weeks and had to drink liquids for a few months.

Kids- not yet! I'm still single, but when I do find my husband, I want kids of my own, as well as to adopt children from all around the world.

Love Language- Quality Time. I love to have my alone time, but I also love spending time with the ones I love!

Mom- my mom is my role model, and one of my best friends. She and I have grown closer as of late, and I love her so much! She has such an amazing artistic eye for design, and her love of people is inspiring!

Nebraska- Yes, I reside in the state of cornfields! But we're not all cornhuskers- believe me!

Optimistic- I am definitely an optimist. I try to find the good in most situations. If it sounds superfluous by reading it, please know that I really do mean what I say.

Pinterest- I'm a huge Pinterest addict :) I love to pin anything from teaching ideas, recipes, crafting ideas, home ideas, wedding ideas, etc! Follow me here!
Follow Me on Pinterest

Quote- Here is one of my favorite quotes:

Read- Reading is one of my favorite hobbies. I love to get engrossed in a book! Currently I'm reading
and I'm loving it! Every once in a while there's something not so great, like bad language, but I absolutely love the storyline! I'll have more of a review for you once i finish it! I'm always looking for more good books, so if you have any recommendations, let me know!

School- growing up, I was homeschooled most of my elementary years. I also went to a private Christian school for some. For high school I went to a private school. And then for college I went to Oral Roberts University in Tulsa, Oklahoma!
Twitter- another favorite social media of mine.

Up- My life growing up was great! As I said before, I have an awesome family, and I grew up in a home who loved God. I have a great foundation on which to build my life, and my future family.

cheVron- yep- I'm obsessed with chevron. It's my favorite pattern EVER.

Wanderlust- My wanderlust grows by the moment! I first went on a missions trip in my first year of college to Colombia, and 2 summers ago I went to Togo, West Africa. Since then I just want to see the world and travel.
Source: via Allie on Pinterest

X-rays:  I've had more x-rays than I could possibly count. My body is a mystery to doctors. No one can figure me out. I've had more issues with hormones and my thyroid, that have lead to other things, than I would like to deal with. But I get through it one step at a time with God as my rock.

diY: I am a crazy crafter! I've always loved arts and crafts, and I love crafting and DIY now. You'll see lots of DIY posts on my blog- because that's what I love to do!

craZy for- organization, pretty things, makeup, nail polish, scarves, iPhone, missions.

I hope this helped you get to know me better! I'd love to get to know you too! By the way, just putting this out there for my new followers: if you would like to spread the word about your blog/shop, I'd love for you to guest post for me! Leave a comment with your email and I'll contact you!
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  1. hi. i just found you because i saw you where following on twitter. first of all, thank you. second of all-i'm glad i found your blog. i know i will really enjoy it.
    later on, if you don't mind, i may have a few questions on jaw surgery. i was told by a few dentists i will need it. it terrifies me but know it needs to get done.

  2. Oh, I loved reading this! It was great the way you set it up ABC style.

    The orthodontist is talking that they might have to break my daughter's jaw to align it properly and that scares the heck out of me!!! Sounds like you had an awful experience.

    My Journey to 5th Grade


  3. Haha love the abc questionnaire!


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