three, awesome tutorial, and FUN!!

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This week it's all about the threes!

Top 3 Favorite Kinds of Food
(in random order)

First 3 things you do in the morning
check my phone
turn on my space heater
lay in bed for 5 more minutes Figure out what I'm going to wear

Last 3 things you do at night
Brush teeth
Set alarm
3 TV shows you NEVER miss
New Girl
The Voice
Shark Tank
3 Places you want to visit
Anywhere in Latin/South America
3 people you can always count on
my mom
my BFFs Alicia, Ann, and Emily
(Sorry, I guess that's four :)
You may have noticed recently that whenever your mouse hovers over one of the pictures on my blog, the little Pinterest icon pops up in the top right corner! Well, as I was pinning this week, I stumbled upon this great tutorial on how to make your pictures do it! Because if you click on the ICON, you can automatically pin it! This is great because it get rids of those annoying pins that take you just to the main website that the picture is on. When you pin the website via the picture, it automatically pins the correct website, where the good info can be found! So, instead of reinventing the wheel, I'm just going to direct you to the tutorial so you can put it on your blog!
Okay, so now, to add a little fun in your life, here's my tip of the day. Go to your nearest Bath and Body Works store and ask for a fruit smoothie!
Yes. A fruit smoothie. We just learned how to do them today at work, and it's my new favorite thing! you put a scrub, shower gel, and lotion all on your hands at the same time, and wash them at a sink, and your hands will be SO SOFT. It's so much fun!!
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  1. Awesome! Just added the Pinterest button to my blog! Thanks for the heads up! So cool!

    Brenda Primary Inspired


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