ring ring!

I'm ringing in the new year over here! I cannot believe 2013 is upon us! I look forward to an amazing year of reaching goals in all areas of my life! To kick off the year, let's start with some Currently action!

I love watching the Nebraska Huskers games! Too bad they lost today :(

This morning my family of 5 got together for New Year's day brunch! I love when we get to all spend time together!

I sat down the other day and started writing down all my goals for the year in their specific categories. I'm not done, but i have a great start! I'm hoping to expound on these later via blog post :)

I ordered some boots for me today as a Christmas present from my mom (she got me the wrong size), and want them to be here now!

I lost my tennis shoes, and they were super old anyways, so tomorrow I'm finally going to get new ones, so I can get back to the gym!

stretched physically- losing weight, becoming fit, gaining muscle and flexibility.
stretched financially- budgeting.
stretched spiritually- spending time with God daily, reading through the Bible, witnessing.
And much more!

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  1. Visiting you from Farley's linky! I love your OLW....I so need to "stretch" too!
    Happy New Year!
    Fabulous 4th Grade Froggies
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  2. I love your word as well-it can be applied in so many different areas. I can definitely relate. I love a cute pair of boots-that's something I need! :)


  3. Stopping by from the Currently Linky! You sound a lot like me! I need to get back to the gym too! I'm the same way when I order clothes online, I want them now! It's so hard to wait, especially when you really like the item like your boots. Hang in there, hopefully they will be there soon!
    The Connected Teacher


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