Thirty Seconds and Input!

Hi everyone! So about a week ago, I saw something really fun happening in the blogosphere, and this week I just had to join in!
30 Second Thursdays
It's a fun new way to learn more about the bloggers you love! This week's question was,
What is the worst gift you've ever received?
And here's my answer...
Also, as you know, I'll be out of town in about a week and a half, and would love your input on what you would most like to see on the blog!
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  1. Grandmas are the cutest...mine used to give me clothes that were SO not age appropriate lol

  2. Your guys could have regifted those games!!!

    My granny gave us Princess House glass animals for all gifts until she ran out of them. While they were cool, there's only so many glass animal figures one can have before it starts to get a bit creepy.


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