Happies and Crappies and Welcome!

Hello February! Thanks for leaving January in the dust!
Here are some Instagram pictures to reflect on last month.
<-- Family Game Night
One of the Coast to Coast Challenges -->
<-- Lots of tanning to prepare for Hawaii
Starbucks and my touchscreen gloves to keep me warm -->
<-- Sold 5 things on eBay this month! Made $45
Started Daniel fast- lots of fruit and veggie drinks -->
Overall, it was a great month! 
Now I'm focusing on this past week for
Scissors and a Whisk: Happies and Crappies Link Up
I've gotten several orders for Valentine's Dipstix! Now to make them :)
4 days til Hawaii! I'm almost packed too!
My room is way more organized! Still have a few things to do, but I organized and condensed my craft supplies, teaching supplies, etc.
I have HEAT in my room! My room has always been so cold I needed a space heater! Our air guy came this week, and I finally am warm in my bedroom!
I had an informal observation done at work this week (it doesn't do anything to your pay, but it helps you grow), and my manager said I am one of their top sellers! Just one little thing to work on :)
Definitely past the 40 pound mark in weight loss! NEVER GOING BACK.
Found a swimsuit to take to Hawaii!

I fell off the bandwagon with my Instagram photo-a-day challenge- but I'm trying again this month!
Snow and really really cold weather. Not fun.
I tweaked something in my neck earlier this week and lost a workout day. It's not quite as bad now, but still hurts when I turn my neck.
Had to pay some bills- blech.

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