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Happy Monday, loves! This a quick and unplanned post because I need your help!
As you know, I depart for my week in paradise tomorrow! Yipee! Part of MY paradise has to include reading, and I love how handy my Kindle Fire is for that! My problemo is that I WANT AND NEED BOOK SUGGESTIONS!! So, here's the deal.
Link up a past book review post, or a present post from your blog on a book you LOVE! Find other peoples faves to put on your list too! And of course I have to participate, so here's a current read that I fell in love with!
I just finished reading it as part of a book club, and I HIGHLY recommend it! The author unfolds the back story through present-day happenings that the main characters face. SO much great imagery and many really good quotes from this book! Put it on your to-read list!
Pretty pretty please leave me a book! I promise to visit every link and give you a holler! Thanks a billion!
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