Super Sunday!

The day is here! Time for some football a huge TPT sale! Remember ALL the goodies in my store are 28% off with the code of SUPER at checkout!
Here are some of my favorites!
My NEWEST product- just in time for Valentine's day!
This is great for the "bigs" or older kiddos, and there's even
some hidden TEST PREP in there with expository writing!
Great for all the kiddos- when inspiration is lacking!
This is one of my TOP SELLERS! If you have
or are planning on having a pirate-themed
classroom, you gotta have your objectives templates!
Okay! Time to stuff your cart! But before you go, I have to give you a 'current' update :)
Listening: Im a Project Runway junkie! Love this new season!
Loving: Saying ta ta for now to the snow and ice, and aloha to the beach! I leave early Tuesday morning! WOOP!
Thinking; LOTS to do before I go! Isn't that always the case?!
Wanting: this weird pain in the middle of my foot popped up out of nowhere, and it's not going away! Not fun!
Needing: some major pampering! Thankfully I have my groupons in hand ready for both on Monday!
Pet Peeves: I can't stand being late! Being overly prideful is obnoxious. I try my best to stay away from gossip, even though its hard! I hate when someone does it on purpose :/
OH! And go link up with Farley! She's the best!
Enjoy the superbowl (and your shopping) with your family and friends! I'll be doing just that!
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  1. SO jealous you are going to Hawaii! So fun! :) I have being late on my pet peeve list too!

    - Sasha
    The Autism Helper

  2. I too am jealous of your Hawaii trip! My hubba and I went on our honeymoon, and we swore we would go back, but haven't made it yet (honeymoon was 12 years ago!)
    Enjoy! I am a new follower!
    Second Grade is Out of This World!

  3. what a trip to Hawaii... WOWZERS... that is super cool and I am super jealous!!! thanks so much for linking up :)


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