The XO Scarf Tutorial

Hello friends! How are you? Spring has FINALLY begun to make itself known in Nebraska, and not a minute too soon! Today I have a fun tutorial for you, perfect for spring! Yes, the days are warming up, but mornings and evenings are still chilly!! So I love a light-weight scarf for an all-day look. This tutorial will show you how you can get the coverage you desire in a scarf, without having to bulk up.

To begin, all you need is a scarf! The longer and lighter weight, the better. Start with the scarf around your neck.

Step 1:: make a loop around your neck (this is the "O" in the XO Scarf).

Your loop should be big, but make sure the ends of the scarf hang down a few inches below the loop.

Step 2:: Lift up the loop and make an X with the ends (this represents the "X" in the XO Scarf).

When you have made the X, you can let the O fall back over it.

Step 3:: lift the end that was UNDER the cross (i.e. the LEFT end in the photo above) OVER the loop.

And then adjust to your liking, making sure it looks great!

And that's all there is to it! Easy to do, and still protects your neck from the chilly wind, AND it adds some interest to your outfit! Hope you enjoy wearing your spring scarves!

Love, Allie

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