Happies and Crappies #8

Hi friends! Happy Friday! How was your week? Mine went way too fast! Well, it's time for some Happies and Crappies!

1. The women's retreat at my church last weekend was incredible! It was a much-needed refreshment and boost. It was centered around real transformation in Christ, which isn't always the easiest thing to hear, but it definitely was a good thing for me.
2. I'm working a lot the next couple of days! We have a fun event happening on Saturday- here's a hint for all of you. Go get some Bath and Body Works candles or wallflowers Saturday 1-5. Everyone who purchases something home fragrance during that time will get a yummy 4 oz candle in Market Peach! (You can thank me later :)
3. Tutoring my little second grader is going great. I'm starting to plan some more fun yet educational activities for us to do. I'll definitely be scouring TPT this weekend and grabbing some 2nd grade math goodies!
4. My brother is in Tulsa this weekend with my mom at my alma mater's college weekend- because he's trying to choose which college to go to. That means my dad and I are the only ones at home! So tonight he and I went on a little date night after work. We went to dinner and saw the movie Oz! It was really fun!
5. I got to see one of my BFFs on Sunday! (Even if it was only for 10 min!)
6. My brother Collin got me a set of 5 puzzles, just because! How sweet is that!?

1. I did NOT do good working out this week. I only got to the gym maybe 3 out of 7 days?! OUCH.
2. I am getting so tired of the construction workers being at our house all day every day. So ready for it to be DONE!
3. How is there never enough time in the day? 'nough said.

Scissors and a Whisk: Happies and Crappies Link Up

Okay, so are any of you online window-shopaholics like me? I love to shop, and the internet makes that super fun and easy. BUT I end up talking myself out of buying stuff because it's too expensive! Well, if you are like me, take a look at my eBay store! I have some really great clothing items of all sizes, that are very reasonably priced! I'd love to send something to ya!

have a fantabulous weekend!!

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