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I must say, this has been a pretty great week! I've also decided that Saturday posts are now devoted to weekly recaps on my blog, reviewing my week in life and on the blog! So join me today for Happies and Crappies and for Weekly What!
Scissors and a Whisk: Happies and Crappies Link Up
~ I made some delicious carrot cake muffins this week! So glad I got to bake- it's one of my favorite things.
~ started my first Dietbet with a bunch of bloggers! (Come join the fun!)
~tutoring went great this week! My student needs to be finished with her Rocketmath Subtraction by the end of the year, and she was on alphabet letter H on Tuesday. She's getting there!
~ my family's house is finally starting to come together! Most of our kitchen cabinets are now in, and they look so good! We're hoping to be in by summer!
~ work is great! We just switched everything in the store around for our Italy floorset, and that's always fun! You guys have to pop into a Bath and Body Works and smell our new Espresso Bar candle- INCREDIBLE!

~ everything that happened in our country. Just thankful they found the second suspect from the Boston bombings. My eyes were glued to the tv yesterday.
~ allergies have started. BLEH.
~ we had SNOW this week!! I don't mind the rain, but really want the stupid snow to go! It's April 20th, for crying out loud!
~ this week was my last week of bible study! It was really great, but I'm going to miss it! (Post coming soon!)

I started my April favorites giveaway! It ends tomorrow night so go enter!
I shared ways to save some money at coffeeshops- from bringing your own snacks to rewards cards, and everything in between. Click HERE to head over to the post.
I did a tutorial for you on how to create faux bangs, for the ladies who don't have bangs! Quick, easy tutorial, though you may already know how to do it!

I shared some of my favorite Pinterest pins as of late, and linked up for Oh, How Pinteresting Wednesday!

I shared a tutorial inspired by washi tape! It became a great organizational tool for me, and I think you'll enjoy it!

And then here I shared my thoughts on Mindy Kaling's book, and a couple new things happening in blogland! Check them out here:

Whew! That was a full week! Enjoy your weekend, lovelies!
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