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I could seriously browse the 'net all day and not get tired of watching hair tutorials! I love mixing it up with styling my hair, and love finding new ways to do so! So today, I thought I might share some of my hair heroes with you and my favorite tutorials from them!

1. Kate from The Small Things Blog
Isn't that such a fun updo?! Definitely click the link above for TONS more amazing tutorials! One thing I have learned from Kate is to add texture to your hair if you want any style to stay. I never have enough patience or time to curl my hair every day, but I love using hairspray or texturizing spray to get some extra texture!

2. Abby from Twist Me Pretty
 This is such a fun alternative braid for those who want something a bit different, or who don't know how to braid. I actually did this one, and posted my finished picture on Instagram:

3. Elsie and Emma from A Beautiful Mess

I don't have a video for this one, but I LOVE this tutorial! If you have been a reader of mine for awhile, you've probably already heard of Elsie and Emma for their amazing DIY and fun ideas. Seriously, their blog is at the top of my reading list! They are all around amazing, and their hairstyles are no exception!!

4. Maegan from ...Love Maegan
 I saw the picture she put on the beginning of this video ALL OVER Pinterest a couple summers ago, and that is what has inspired my LOVE of waterfall braids! Then I discovered Maegan and she has so many FUN tutorials on her blog!

5. Lauren, Kristin, and Amy from The Beauty Department
 Have you heard of this blog before? No? Go take a peek at your hair/makeup pinterest board. Are any of the sources from your pins Chances are, some are! I was amazed on how many of my pinned tutorials were! This blog is a beauty blog sensation! I could have chosen SO MANY tutorials, but i liked this simple one!

OKAY!! Now it's YOUR turn! Go peruse your favorite hair heroes' blogs and have some stylin' fun! Do you have a "must-read" for me?! Leave a comment! I love discovering new ones!
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