My Mouth, Meltdown, and Mums

Good Morning Sunshines! How's your week been? Excited for spring? Yeah me too! I can finally walk outside without a coat! Yipee! Today I'm going to be recapping the week, and also sharing some plans for next week on the blog!
Let's kick things off with:
Scissors and a Whisk: Happies and Crappies Link Up
~My braces are OFF!
~Spring is finally here in NE!
~I won 2 giveaways this week! That's pretty amazing!
~My head is clear and mind is set to continue in my weightloss journey, after my meltdown this week! Super stoked to be part of the DietBet (HINT HINT: THERE IS STILL TIME TO JOIN!)
~ I've been getting back into my chronological Bible reading every most mornings.
~ I finally decided on my Mother's day gift for my mom! But mum's the word right now- because it's a SURPRISE!

~ I now have retainers to wear...not very easy to talk with!
~ We found out my grandpa has cancer- it's very slow-acting, thank the Lord- but now doctors are checking to see if its spread. He and my grandma are almost 80, and they are some of the healthiest people I know- so this is quite a shock.
~ The said meltdown above- thankfully some worship music, journal time, and a blog post can and did help me let it out and get myself back on track!

Okay, now lets get to the blogging part of my post!
I shared the winner of my April Favorites giveaway! And just checked in with you lovely readers :). I also shared my love for Lesley's awesome introvert post.
This was my meltdown post. I shared "the real me", and then some of my favorite healthy living inspirational pins.
I showed a techy tip video on how to create a Hello Bar on your blog! check it out!

And last but not least, here's what is coming up on this blog this week!
inside out muffins ~ Mother's Day gifts ~ spectAPPular ~ and probably another Currently, since May is just around the corner!
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