Not Too Shabby!

If you have been in blogland for a little while, you most likely have heard of Shabby Apple.
Dresses from Shabby Apple
If you haven't heard of this fabulous online shop, here is a snippet from their "About Us" section on the website:
"At Shabby Apple, we believe in both femininity and feminism. As feminine women, we create clothing that is artful in design and crafted with a vintage-style flare. Each piece is carefully constructed to both flatter a women’s figure and maintain her mystery. As feminists, we created a company that is women-owned and operated and that donates to help other women start their own businesses. With our old-fashioned style and modern ideals, we believe the best is yet to come!"
In my own words, Shabby Apple is an online boutique with so many gorgeous pieces for less! I love their dresses and accessories. They are an online girl's best friend!!

One of Shabby Apple's newest collections in the Fete Des Fleurs.
Dresses from Shabby Apple
As you may have guessed, this gorgeous collection is inspired by pastels, florals, and spring! Here are some of my FAVORITES!!
I love the cut of this dress and the beautiful soft lace!

This is like a big girl's version of a tutu! It makes me want to twirl around in a field of flowers.

I love purple, and this shade is to die for! I also love the pleats and flounciness!

Click any of the links or buttons above to head over to their site and find a new favorite spring outfit!! Happy Shopping!
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