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So, I had a post planned for today. And it was good. I was showing my love and gratefulness for the things in my life. That's great and all- but, to be real, it's not what i'm thinking about. So I trashed it. Sometimes I like to put on this happy face- like everything is okay, and "great!" even. I love being optimistic, and having a positive attitude. but sometimes, you just have to be real. and that's what i'm doing today.

i'm struggling a lot the past couple of weeks with weight creeping back on. rewind back to february- i was so proud of myself because i had lost so much weight since last summer, and looked and felt great. this wasn't my "perfect" weight, but it was way better than I had been in awhile. after my trip to Hawaii, I was motivated for a few weeks to keep it off and keep going. but then, all of the sudden, i stopped. i plateaued. i got comfortable. and i started to eat sweets again. im telling you, they are my WEAKNESS. and now, i've gained. thankfully, not back to where i started. but definitely not to a comfortable and confident weight for me. and it's so hard, because this is how it's always been. i would be so motivated to lose weight and get healthy, and then i would yo-yo back. i hate this about myself!
when i get determined and motivated, NOTHING can stop me (not even CHOCOLATE! think i'm kidding)! but getting back into that mindset is the HARDEST thing to do! I try my best, then just fall flat- face first- into a pile of junk.

But, now that I've uncovered the scab, blubbered and hashed out my feelings, it's back to the uphill battle. I AM NOT GIVING UP. NOT NOW NOT EVER! It's a journey, and I know there are valleys. And after the valleys there is the steep and treacherous climb up the mountain.  But that's where confidence and perseverance are built!

Thanks for letting me gush on you today. this is the real me, and, sometimes, some opening of the wounds is what we need for healing and transformation. I'm ready to continue in the process, no matter how many bruises I have! Before I head off to the gym, here are some inspirations for me and you (because they always  motivate me!)

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  1. Sweets are my weakness too! I gained so much weight after my last pregnancy that it is just so hard to get back to what I was! I have been working out at least 6 times a day and eating less fatty foods, but I will have a cookie at times! Keep going!

  2. Losing weight is a pain! I've only lost 16lbs since January. I still have nearly 100 more until I am at my goal. Gah!

    But, yes, don't give up! You can totally do this! And just know, you are beautiful no mater what & it's good to get to know the "real" you. :)

    Krys @ Sunshine&Rain


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