why I LOVE Bloglovin!

Everyone has been talking about making the switch
from Google Reader to Bloglovin.
Change is hard, but mostly good.
The good thing is, GFC is NOT going away! So you can still find your favorite blogs via blogger! But, there is now an even EASIER way to read all your faves. And it is called Bloglovin.
to tell you the truth, i never really liked google reader. i didn't like that you didn't actually go to the blog to read the post. yes, it may have been easier, but most of the time i found myself clicking over to the actual blog anyway!
okey dokey. so are you on board yet?!
if the answer is a hoot hollering YES, then go ahead and click the button to stay up on my posts via Bloglovin!
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if the answer is a sad NO, then what are you waiting for?! Here are some of my FAVORITE things about bloglovin:
Let's start with the green::
Notice the banner at the top. That is Bloglovin's navigation.
It shows you all your unread posts, and lets you easily go from one post to the next. It also keeps all your unread posts grouped together. The problem I had with Google was that it took me forever to keep up with all my favorite blogs! Now I know all those posts are waiting for me when I do get the chance to read them.
With the dropdown menu, you can also select an individual blog to go to.
You can also click the heart to 'love' the post, and it will save it on your profile for you. ***THIS IS GREAT FOR GIVEAWAYS!!***
Next, they have provided easy access to share your favorite posts and pin them to pinterest.
Now for the blue::
Besides the top banner, the rest of the page is from that particular blog! You can scroll down to read the post, comment, go to another page, etc. Your sponsors will also thank you, if you are a blogger, because they will still be seen!

So, all in all, a GREAT online reader choice is definitely BLOGLOVIN'! Also, did I mention that when you do make an account, you can transfer all the blogs you follow with GFC to blogs you follow on Bloglovin'?! Super easy to make the switch- and well worth it! So now, for those of you ready to sign up, you can click the same button, and they will get you all set up!!
Follow on Bloglovin
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