SpectAPPular Photo Apps for Adjusting and Filtering

Welcome back to my series on Photo Apps for your smart devices! I have done my homework (because of comments you lovely readers left yesterday) and discovered both of the apps I will share today are in the Apple App Store and there is a version similar/identical in the Android App Store as well!  It may not look the same as the Apple version I use, but it should have all the same content. I will have a link to the app for Apple and Android in the app title. The Apple version will be first, and the android second.

For the purpose of a sample photo, I will use this one. This is the original photo I had taken from my iPhone.

1. AfterLight / AfterLight Free
This app is one of my FAVORITES! It is $.99, which I think is an easy price to pay for all it has to offer. When you open the app, you can either choose to edit a photo in your library, or you can take the photo you want to edit. Then, it will open in this screen...
 You can explore all the buttons on the bottom of the screen, but just so you know, this is what they are used for:
1. Revert image back to original
2. Editing the levels of the photo (brightness, contrast, clarity, etc.)
3. Filters
4. Textures
5. Crop, Rotate, etc.
6. Frames

I start by cropping my photo to a square. You have to do this in Instagram anyways, and I never get it how I want it, so I do it in Afterlight first.
 Tap the 5th button, and then tap the crop button that appears. You can crop your photo exactly how you want to, but I love the square button! makes things super easy!
 Once I have a square photo, I go into the levels tab, and edit the photo. I made this photo a little lighter, and added more contrast, etc.
 And here is my final photo after the Afterlight App! I give this app 5 of 5 stars! It's awesome!

2. Vintique / Vintique
Vintique is a mash up of VINTAGE and ANTIQUE!  I really love this app too. It's my go-to fun filters app! It does cost $.99, though. But, again, you definitely get your money's worth out of it!

My favorite part of this app are the filters! It also has adjustment features, text, etc. But I love the fun vintage and antique tweaks to the photo, and that you can even edit the filters to make the photo how you want it. By the way, there are 36 filters to choose from! How can you ever decide?!!
 I decided to use Delight II on this photo. It adds just a hint of vintage magic to the picture! This is my finished product for today! I give Vintique 5 out of 5 stars too!
And here's a before and after photo for you to reference:

Come back tomorrow for Collages and Labels! If you missed yesterday's post, here is my introduction to this series, with a couple of free apps for you!
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SpectAPPular Photo Apps Introductory Post

The Instagram phenomenon just keeps rising, and with that comes innumerable photo editing applications for the iPhone and other smart phones! I love using Instagram to document my life with pictures, and to help myself grow my photography skills! Today starts the week in which I am going to walk you through the different apps I use on my iPhone for photography!

First, before we get into photo-editing apps, here are a couple gems I think are crucial to your collection.
1. TimerCam
This FREE app is perfect for bloggers and anyone (like me) who are "not quite there yet", meaning, you have no one to take photos of yourself for you! Or, it's also great for group pictures! You can decide how much time you need (5, 10, 15, and 30 seconds) to get your picture set, and the app will snap a pic in that many seconds. It utilizes both cameras on your phone. There are ads at the bottom of the screen, but they don't show in the pictures and don't bother me! I give this app 4 out of 5 stars!

2. Repost for Instagram
I recently discovered this app, and it is SO useful! It feeds your Instagram photos to the app in a list form so you can select a photo to repost from your friend's instagram! It is perfect for giveaways or group Instagram parties, so you don't have to save an extra photo on your phone! It is FREE, and I give it 5 out of 5 stars. Very easy to use too!

Now go download these two for your smartphone, and check back in the rest of the week for more awesome apps! Here's what I have planned:
Wednesday: tweaking and filtering apps
Thursday: Labels and Collages
Friday: fun fun fun!!! adding to your photos!
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Friday Fun aka Coffee Date!!

Welcome to Coffee Date, lovelies! My iced coffee is coming later, so I'm drinking a fruit and veggie drink right now. Come sit and link up with Rags to Stitches Blog!

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What I've been pinning lately...

A lot of times on Pinterest we REpin and REpin, but I also try to pin what I'm reading that I'll want for the future. Bloglovin' makes this SUPER easy, and lots of bloggers have the cute "pin it" buttons that pop up when you mouse over their pictures. Anywho, I want to link up for Oh How Pinteresting Wednesday, with my smorgasbord of pins!!

You can probably tell that I'm ready for some yummy summer food and drinks! Hope you're having a wonderful Wednesday!
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Summer Lovin'!

As you all know, summer is coming!! And with the changing of the seasons comes lots of fun and excitement! It also seems like we have more time to do things as we please in the summertime- including blogging! Reading blogs, writing, developing bloggy friendships, etc. And today, I wanted to give you an opportunity to do so on my blog!
I have begun to sell ad space on this blog. It started in late April, and I love having amazing sponsors! They make blogging more fun! I've learned some things from those who I sponsor, or whose blogs I get ad space on from giveaways. One of my FAVORITE blogs to sponsor is Lipgloss and Crayons. Not only is Carly a Christian and teacher like me, she is an INCREDIBLE blog hostess with the mostess! When my ad first got on her blog, she emailed me right away with a form to fill out on getting to know me and my blog, and asking if and what I want to contribute to her monthly sponsor group giveaway. She also sent a personal email welcoming me to her blog, and getting to know me. THEN, at the beginning of every week she sends an email to all her sponsors asking what posts of ours to promote that week on social media! WHOA! I feel so special sponsoring her blog!
That is exactly the feeling I want my sponsors to feel after sponsoring my blog- that their ad space was a good investment, and that not only did their blog/shop get more attention, we have become friends! So last week I updated a bit, and sent out a form for all my sponsors asking about their blog/shop, their social media outlets, group giveaway, and guest posting on the blog. And I'm trying to get better about connecting with them, and promoting them!
So, why do I post all of this? Because I want YOU! I would love to have your ad on my blog for the summer! My blog is growing, and my readership is expanding with a couple of big blogger giveaways I am a part of within the next month. I want to promote your blog/shop, and get to know you! Right now, I'm having a promotion:

You do not even have to use a promo code! Just buy ad space of any size for one month, and I'll add a second month free! Then we can party all summer long together! Here is my ad shop. Click on the pink button to the right of the ad spot you want, and you can upload your ad, and pay for one month. I would love to have any blogs and shops as sponsors! I also love to do reviews, so if your shop needs an extra boost, email me, and I'll review what I feel will be appropriate for my blog and readers. If you have any questions, feel free to email me at allieelliott(AT)yahoo.com.

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Who Doesn't Like More Cash?!

this baby...
Haha! Just kidding! But seriously...cash is always good! Myself and several other bloggers are giving away $150 in Paypal cash for Girl Booklet's blogiversary!
Yipee! So, enter the giveaway below, and maybe earn some easy money!
a Rafflecopter giveaway
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Who's ready to shop!?!

Hello lovelies! Today I have a little bloggy sale for you! I am looking to clean out some clothes from my closet, and would love for you guys to take some off my hands! If you have any favorites you would like to buy, just leave a comment below on which ones, and your email so I can get ahold of you. It is first come first serve, so if you leave a comment and don't get an email, it means that that item has already been sold. Shipping will be $3 for 1-2 items, $4.50 for 3-5. I will only sell to those in the United States. The sale will run until I'm all cleaned out! Everything has been gently worn, and comes from a smoke-free environment. If you don't like the price, leave me your best offer!! Alright, here we go!
Sunset Sundress
Size 4, H&M brand
Scoop neck, Drawstring Waist, and Keyhole Closure in back
Runs true to size
Purple Cinched Tunic
Size 1X
Elastic waistband to highlight curves, cinched at the neck, butterfly sleeves, hangs loose
runs true to size
Sunshine Yellow Womens Golf Top
size L, Izod brand
polo-shirt-like material, hangs nicely, turquoise blue detail around the inside of the collar,
buttons at the top
Prepster Aqua Blazer
size 8, Gap
Left breast pocket with foldover flap, seaming to create a fitted look, lightweight
Purple Tunic with Beaded Bib
size Medium
hangs loose, 3/4 sleeves that are cinched at the ends, beautifully beaded bib entact
Stripey Sweater
size L, American Eagle brand
scoop neck, lime green accents, elastic cinches at waist and wrists
Swirls and Twirls Top
size L, Bisou Bisou brand
stretchy material, v-neck, 3/4 sleeves, empire waist highlighted with metal embellishments
Anchors Away Hoodie
size M, Self Esteem brand
cinched waist with ties, hood, small anchor and star print with red polka-dotted highlights on the waist, the bottom, the wrists, and the hood
Fierce Silk Sleep Shirt
size S, Victoria's Secret
animal printed, button down, v-neck, short-sleeved, silky material
runs true to size
Garnet Women's Button Down
size 12, Ann Taylor LOFT
ruffle detail on the sides of the buttons and sleeve cuffs, collared. fits true to size
Grey and White Candy-Striped Button Down
size 2x
ruffle detail on the bust, oversized black and white fashion buttons, tie waist to highlight curves, classic collar, flutter sleeves
Cozy Waffle Shirt
size M, Energie brand
scoop neck, lightweight, pocket in the front, brown with white highlight stitching, super cozy!
Flouncy Pink Skirt
size 12, Isaac Mizrahi for Target
A-Line, lightweight, has a lining and shell, side zipper, light polka-dot pattern with damask on the bottom of the skirt, fitted at waist
That's all, folks! Leave a comment with what you would like, and I'll contact you ASAP. Don't forget to include your email. Also, if you have a better offer for me, you can leave that too! I just need to clean everything out! Happy Shopping!
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Coffee's On! Come on over :)

Hey! Today I'm linking up with the lovely Alissa for Coffee Date!

Before you watch the video, sorry for the weird background music! I was sitting in Panera's outside patio, and the music was picked up! LOL.

Here are the pictures of my brother Peter and friend Emma going to prom!
Aren't they just the cutest?!

That's all I have for you today! Enjoy your weekend, and link up with us!!
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