Love Story for the Books

I am a HOPELESS romantic, as in I will never stop loving love and love stories of true love!! I get all teary-eyed and you know what happens next, the "Awwww..." So when I saw an article on Facebook written by the Tulsa World newspaper on a friend from college, I naturally was drawn to it! I had seen and heard bits and pieces of this story, but it is truly a love story of commitment.
My friend Cady and her soon-to-be husband Jordan both were in my graduating class at Oral Roberts University, and Cady and I lived on the same wing my first year there. I'm so excited for them, though this wedding is not just for kicks and giggles.
I can't wait to share their story with you! Just click their sweet picture below to read the article. And then please keep them both in prayer! Thanks friends!

Love, Allie

Retail Therapy for Sunday Social

What?! Another post from Allie in one week?! Who'da thunk?!?! Juuuuust kidding! Today I decided to link up with Neely and Ashley for Sunday Social, and the questions were kind of PERFECT, because I just did some retail therapy YESTERDAY!
What is your favorite store to shop at?
For clothing, I love TJ Maxx and Marshall's. If I had to pick somewhere "in the mall", Express.
If you could afford anything and everything, which designer brand would you covet?
Oscar de la Renta

Must have closet staple?
Dresses- any kind. I would live every day in a dress if I could. So easy to wear, fun, and feminine. Not to mention extremely comfortable!!
Favorite Kind of shoes?
I love gladiator sandals for summer, and am a big fan of wedges! I don't have a favorite brand, because I have ginormous FLAT feet (ahem, size 12 wide), so any shoe that fits and is comfortable is a favorite!
Best clothing deal you've ever gotten?
I love the thrill of the hunt, and couldn't really tell you one great deal I got. But I love shopping thrift stores and finding brand names for super cheap!
Style you'd love to try?
I'd love to add some more bohemian pieces into my wardrobe.

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Allie Elliott

Organization Geek!

That is what I am! I loooove organizing- whether its baskets, files, folders, alphabetically, structurally, etc. there is nothing I love more than seeing everything neat and put away. That is why, when contacted me to do a review of the Deflect-O  Desk Cube Organizers I could not say no!
Shoplet sent me four stackable cubes from Deflect-O to review and use. These cubes are great because they can be arranged in any possible way you want, and have different organizational areas to put office supplies, or other small objects in. You could use these on your desk, in your classroom, or, in your bedroom, like I did to organize jewelry and accessories!
I chose to set up my cubes in a square. These cubes' dimensions are all 6x6x6 inches. When I opened my package of goodies, I found each cube is clear in color and made of a plastic material. The outside of each cube has a frosted finish. Each came with two linking clips. These clips are used to link the boxes together. Each box has an indentation on each side of its walls where the clips go, and they all attach at the opening of the boxes. The clips are black, and made of metal, to make sure that the cubes are sturdily attached to each other.
One of the cubes was the Deflect-o Desk Cube with X Dividers (DEF350201).I like the look and the organization value of this cube, because it can be used for small or large objects. You can put pens and pencils, or bigger items in each area. The plastic X was sturdy and looked like it could withstand and hold a good amount of weight. I used this area to hold my sunglasses and eye glasses.

The next cube is the Deflect-o Desk Cube (DEF350401). I liked this one because it is just an open cube. The six inches back gave enough room that you could put several things in the cube, and make use of the space. I used this area to stash my small bottles of hair and body care products. It's the perfect height for my perfume, travel size lotions and hairsprays, etc.

The third cube is the Deflect-o Desk Cube (DEF350301).This one came with 4 small clear plastic drawers, that feel pretty heavy-duty. I like that you can see right through the drawers, and you can even remove the drawers and use the shelf in the middle of the cube. What I do not like about the drawers is they do not fully close! I don't know about you, but whether I am at my desk, in my classroom, or getting ready in the morning, I don't want to have to fret about having a drawer of whatnot spill out. I feel much better when the drawers are fully closed! The nice thing is that these drawers are deep, so the probability that there is a spill is lessened. I filled my four drawers with jewelry and lip care.

The fourth and final cube I received was the Deflect-o Two Drawer Cube Organizer (DEF350101).This one is similar to the one above, but it just has two larger horizontal drawers instead of four. Again, the drawers are nice and deep, but they don't fully close. I filled these with jewelry and hair accessories. Another thing I do like about all the drawers is that they fully pull out, so you can take your supplies with you, if needed.
At first, I thought these cubes were going to be an alternative to the "Teacher Toolbox" that many of us have seen from teacher bloggers that they create to put all their desk supplies in. This isn't quite what I would choose to use at my desk, but I do like the different size of areas of the cubes that can be used for different materials. I've also seen the built-in organizers in desks, and these cubes are nice because you can rearrange the different boxes to fit in the space you have. The quality of these cubes are somewhat standard. I've seen worse and I've seen better. If I could change one thing on the overall make of these cubes, I would choose to have them connect at the back or middle of the cube, so it doesn't become top heavy, or start to detach. I also do not like how the drawers do not close, and would change that as well. I do believe that these products do what they were set out to do, to hold office or other supplies, and provide organization. Though they would not be my first choice, they have a great use. I really liked the products, and do recommend them for your desk or office!
Thank you to Shoplet and Deflect-o for sending me these promotional products. I received these cubes with no extra compensation for my review on these items. All opinions in this post are my own, based on my experience with these items.

Oh How Pinteresting!

Happy Summertime everyone!! I hope you're having a wonderful summer! I miss you all- not having a working laptop and all. But today I'm sharing some of the favorites I've been pinning lately!!

Have a magnificent Wednesday! Also, if you are a Bath and Body Works fanatic, like me, stop in to your nearest store for some INCREDIBLE deals! Our semiannual sale is here! Just yesterday I got a delicious 3-wick candle for $3.90!!

52 Reasons Why We Love Dad!

Can you believe Father's Day is just a week away? If you're like me, you may have no idea what to get the special father in your life. Well, I have just the gift! All it takes is some heart, craftiness, and a deck of cards! I shared this gift last year, when I made it for my dad for Father's Day, but I want to share it again in a more cohesive post for you!
52 Reasons Why We Love You gift

You will need:
- 1 Basic Deck of Cards
- Mod Podge
- Scissors
- Sponge Brush
- Hole Punch
- Metal Rings
- 52 Reasons

Step 1: Making the 52 Reasons
You will need to start by creating your 52 reasons why you love the person you are giving this gift to; in this case, your dad. I have already done the hard part, by creating a free template for you.
Open the template in a photo-editing program, such as Pixlr, or a pre-downloaded program. Type in each one of your reasons into the template. If you want to use the same font, I used Oh (Photo) Shoot
Once you have typed in all of your reasons, you  can print them out on your own photo paper, or I uploaded them to, and had them printed out 8 at a time on 5x7 photos.

Step 2: Adhering the Reasons
The next step is to adhere the 52 reasons onto the 52 cards. I did this by first cutting out each of the reasons and fitting them to the playing cards.
Next, I used the sponge brush to brush on one coat of Mod Podge onto the face of the card.
I attached the reason paper, and sealed it with another coat of Mod Podge.

Step 3: Creating the Book
Then, once all the cards were dry, I punched 2 holes into each card, on the left side.
I organized all the cards in order, and strung the metal binder rings through the holes, 

It is the perfect gift that will touch the heart and soul! My brothers and I came up with all kinds of reasons we loved my dad, from funny ones about his physical ability, to sentimental reasons. It literally made him laugh, and cry! 

That is why I think this is the perfect Father's Day gift! Get your brothers, sisters, sons, daughters, and family in on the gift, and make it a Father's Day he will never forget!
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Allie Elliott

Currently Half Way Through...

You may have heard through the grapevine that blogging has been a bit hard seeing that I haven't had access to my laptop lately. That is why I am just NOW linking up with Farley for the June Currently!
I seriously think a country singer will win The Voice. It's a very high probability right now (3/5), and country music is my favorite summer soundtrack!
I know you all are too, but I L-O-V-E the app made by Emma and Elsie, the lovely sister masterminds behind A Beautiful Mess blog, and now iPhone app! They are at the tippy top of the blogs I drool over love and read consistently.
I have been a slacker, seriously, on tanning this summer so far! The weather hasn't helped, and my somewhat busy schedule hasn't either. I'm hoping to find a public pool in my vicinity where I can go to work on my tan!
Oh, the woes of a blogger! I am in very much need want of a new laptop. I haven't even figured out what's going on with the one I have, but it's almost 4 years old and I'm ready for a change. I just don't want to have to pay for one right now. So if any of y'all are having a laptop giveaway, hook a sister up! JK.
The needing section is very self-explanatory. Please send motivation vibes my way!
My vacation essentials are: my phone/camera/music player/time passer/research tool/my life, cute sunglasses, and my favorite summah-time drink at Starbies, Passionfruit Lemonade! Deeelish!

If you haven't linked up with us, please do, so I'm not the last one on the list! 
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Allie Elliott

A Little Post...

You may have wondered why I didn't finish my SpectAPPular series last week/have gone missing from the blogosphere. Well, unfortunately I'm having more computer problems!! Not only is the Internet at my house down, my laptop isn't turning on!! I mean, I will have had it for 4 years in August, and it hasn't had any problems except for the dying battery a couple times, but I think it may be shot now. I'm taking it into best buy tomorrow so we will see then!
Anyways, it'll take me a couple more days until I can post anything more, but then I'll have a bunch of things planned for you! I made these delicious Salted Caramel Cookie Cups yesterday that turned out SO WELL, my family thought they were store bought!!

I also will have a sponsor giveaway coming up! Speaking of giveaways, Melissa is having a GINORMOUS one that I'm a part of right now!

Hope you all are having a stupendous week!