52 Reasons Why We Love Dad!

Can you believe Father's Day is just a week away? If you're like me, you may have no idea what to get the special father in your life. Well, I have just the gift! All it takes is some heart, craftiness, and a deck of cards! I shared this gift last year, when I made it for my dad for Father's Day, but I want to share it again in a more cohesive post for you!
52 Reasons Why We Love You gift

You will need:
- 1 Basic Deck of Cards
- Mod Podge
- Scissors
- Sponge Brush
- Hole Punch
- Metal Rings
- 52 Reasons

Step 1: Making the 52 Reasons
You will need to start by creating your 52 reasons why you love the person you are giving this gift to; in this case, your dad. I have already done the hard part, by creating a free template for you.
Open the template in a photo-editing program, such as Pixlr, or a pre-downloaded program. Type in each one of your reasons into the template. If you want to use the same font, I used Oh (Photo) Shoot
Once you have typed in all of your reasons, you  can print them out on your own photo paper, or I uploaded them to Walmart.com, and had them printed out 8 at a time on 5x7 photos.

Step 2: Adhering the Reasons
The next step is to adhere the 52 reasons onto the 52 cards. I did this by first cutting out each of the reasons and fitting them to the playing cards.
Next, I used the sponge brush to brush on one coat of Mod Podge onto the face of the card.
I attached the reason paper, and sealed it with another coat of Mod Podge.

Step 3: Creating the Book
Then, once all the cards were dry, I punched 2 holes into each card, on the left side.
I organized all the cards in order, and strung the metal binder rings through the holes, 

It is the perfect gift that will touch the heart and soul! My brothers and I came up with all kinds of reasons we loved my dad, from funny ones about his physical ability, to sentimental reasons. It literally made him laugh, and cry! 

That is why I think this is the perfect Father's Day gift! Get your brothers, sisters, sons, daughters, and family in on the gift, and make it a Father's Day he will never forget!
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