A Little Post...

You may have wondered why I didn't finish my SpectAPPular series last week/have gone missing from the blogosphere. Well, unfortunately I'm having more computer problems!! Not only is the Internet at my house down, my laptop isn't turning on!! I mean, I will have had it for 4 years in August, and it hasn't had any problems except for the dying battery a couple times, but I think it may be shot now. I'm taking it into best buy tomorrow so we will see then!
Anyways, it'll take me a couple more days until I can post anything more, but then I'll have a bunch of things planned for you! I made these delicious Salted Caramel Cookie Cups yesterday that turned out SO WELL, my family thought they were store bought!!

I also will have a sponsor giveaway coming up! Speaking of giveaways, Melissa is having a GINORMOUS one that I'm a part of right now!

Hope you all are having a stupendous week!

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