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You may have heard through the grapevine that blogging has been a bit hard seeing that I haven't had access to my laptop lately. That is why I am just NOW linking up with Farley for the June Currently!
I seriously think a country singer will win The Voice. It's a very high probability right now (3/5), and country music is my favorite summer soundtrack!
I know you all are too, but I L-O-V-E the app made by Emma and Elsie, the lovely sister masterminds behind A Beautiful Mess blog, and now iPhone app! They are at the tippy top of the blogs I drool over love and read consistently.
I have been a slacker, seriously, on tanning this summer so far! The weather hasn't helped, and my somewhat busy schedule hasn't either. I'm hoping to find a public pool in my vicinity where I can go to work on my tan!
Oh, the woes of a blogger! I am in very much need want of a new laptop. I haven't even figured out what's going on with the one I have, but it's almost 4 years old and I'm ready for a change. I just don't want to have to pay for one right now. So if any of y'all are having a laptop giveaway, hook a sister up! JK.
The needing section is very self-explanatory. Please send motivation vibes my way!
My vacation essentials are: my phone/camera/music player/time passer/research tool/my life, cute sunglasses, and my favorite summah-time drink at Starbies, Passionfruit Lemonade! Deeelish!

If you haven't linked up with us, please do, so I'm not the last one on the list! 
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  1. Don't aren't the last one! :)

    KS and her kids

  2. I am loving your blog! I found it on Oh Farley's linkup!


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