Calling all Teachers!!

This post is for all the awesome teacher bloggers out there!

Time is flying by, and I know the countdown is on for all of you to the first day of school! Between getting your classroom looking spectacular, prepping your lesson plans, and organizing materials, you have your hands FULL! Don't you wish you had an extra pair?! Well now you can!

I have yet to land a full time teaching job of my own yet, and will be subbing this year. This means I can be your extra set of hands! I'd love to work with you to make sure you have everything ready for when your students walk into your classroom. Basically, hire me as your personal virtual assistant! I can:
- proofread
- type up documents
-Cut out (You send lamination or card stock and I cut it out and send it back the next day).
- (Once school starts) grade papers you send me and send them back (and/or input into online gradebook)
- and whatever else you need or want!

Price will be negotiable once we start talking!
Okay, so maybe you don't need that much help, but what about back to school gifts for your students? I'd love to put together these little gifts for your students, matching your classroom theme!

What kid couldn't use a little hand sanitizer to keep the germies away?!
If you were to make a class set of these yourself, it would cost you about $60, not including the time you would spend putting them together. Work with me, and I can get your class set made and shipped to you in time for your first day of school for $55 (or your best offer)!

If you are interested in either of these proposals, please email me at allieelliottATyahooDOTcom. Thanks!

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  1. Thanks Allie!

    I will definitely keep you in mind. I know once things get busy I could use an extra pair of hands.

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