Birthday Bash Giveaway Sign Ups!

Hello friends! Today I have a favor, that will also bring you and your blog or shop some goodness! As you know by now, this is my birthday month, and I am planning on having some fun this month on the blog! Well, part of that fun is going to be in giveaway form! I'm hoping to get several people involved in giving some great stuff away to celebrate! So here's the deal:
There are two forms at the bottom of this post: one that is for those who would just like to give a monetary amount to go in on a group gift card, and the other for those who would like to give away an item from their shop, ad space, a gift, etc. I'd love to have several giveaways, so several people can WIN! Also, don't worry, you will be able to win the giveaway, even if you do give towards it!
Okay, so go ahead, choose your form, and get ready for a fun birthday bash! Please submit the forms by Tuesday, August 13, as I would like to get the giveaway started on my birthday, August 15th!

**If you choose to donate monetarily for this gift card, please send your money as a gift via Paypal to**

Thank you so much for being part of this! We will be in touch!
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