July in {Instagram} Review

I love Instagram, because it's a wonderful way to document life as we see it! Here's what happened in July!
Started out with a classic fireworks pic for the Fourth, and it was part of the #ANOWeekend showcase that week! I was so excited!
Starbucks pictures are a must!
Then, Bolin Family Palooza happened, and we had a super fun girls night with most of the girl cousins! We went downtown and stopped at a fun old candy shop and antique store!
More Family Palooza fun with baseball in the backyard! Making unforgettable memories!
I purchased an adorable bunting from @thebarefootseamstress for my future classroom. She made it from a vintage children's dictionary in the transportation section! I HAD to have it, since my classroom theme will be world travel! It's SO CUTE. It was a highlight!
We went to visit some friends at their lake house at Grand Lake in Oklahoma. It was a really relaxing long weekend! Funny story about that though. My dad owns a small six-person plane with two other people, and we were planning on taking that down to the lake, because it would get us there in 2 hours, instead of driving 7 hours. Welp, we got all loaded into the plane, my dad went to turn it on, and it wouldn't start. So we had to unload, and pack everything in the car, and had to end up driving the dreaded 7 hours. Sad day! But it was still worth it!!
I found a cloud formation shaped like a cross on my drive to church one Sunday.
And I made some delicious Caprese Skewers that I featured on the blog!


It was a fabulous month! How did your July look in pictures?!
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