The New, Fancified, Snail Mail!

Ever since I was a little girl, an actual card would mean so much to me. Whether it be through the mail, hand-delivered, or at a party, I love the sentimental value. I kept my cards for years after they were given to me. The one person who would NEVER forget my, or anyone else in my family's, birthday is my great uncle. Even before I was born, he would send a birthday card to every family member, and get it there right before, on, or maybe a day after his/her birthday, and it would ALWAYS have a $5 bill in it. I received one of those cards every year on my birthday for 22 years. Last year, he passed away, and this was the first year I didn't get a card with a $5 bill in it from him. It wasn't about the money, even though that was a nice addition, it was the thoughtfulness, and the happy feeling it brought. The fact that he remembered EVERYONE's birthdays (probably over 50 people) every year always stunned me and made me so grateful. That is how I want to be!

That being said, when Lauren from contacted me to see if I would review their website, I was very excited! I feel that a card that you can hold in your hand, and hold on to, is so special. It is something unexpected nowadays, and I know how happy it makes ME! So, today, I'm going to show you this awesome website, and the "Just Because" card I made for a friend I haven't seen ALL summer!
Here is the Cardstore website. It is so easy to navigate, and I love the bright colors!
They have SO MANY great card choices, from Birthday Invites to Thank Yous, Congratulations, and Friendship! It was so hard to choose which card to make! And they aren't just generic cards. Some cards have the availability to put photos on the card, some you can put the recipient's name into, etc. I love that it is so customizable!

 I decided to choose this card. I love the bright colors, and the two picture capabilities on the front. Plus, it was perfect for what I'm sending for!
If you click on the small thought bubble below the picture of the card, it will show you all the ways you can design that particular card! That way you know what you can do before you go edit the card. I love it!
Once you decide, you just click the pink "Make Your Card" button, and this is what pops up.
Now you can edit the text- I put in my friend's name, AND changed the color! (So cool!)
Then I got to insert the pictures. They can either be chosen from your Facebook photos, or your computer. I love that option! Easier for me! It also gives the option to use photos you have already used in previous cards, when you are signed into your FREE account!
Then, you get to edit your photos. I chose to zoom in and make one photo black and white.
Once you are satisfied with the front, you can click the inside picture at the top of the page. There were lots of ways I could choose to make my inside look like! I chose one picture on the top of the inside, with a caption, of course!
And then, there was some text that was already in the card. That is the blue text below (I got to change the color again, to go with the color scheme!). I also got to add my own personal note, and my signature! I changed fonts, colors, sizes, etc. really allows you to personalize your card to the nines!
Alright, once you've edited your card, you get to approve each part of the card.
And then, this is one of my favorite parts! You can either have the card shipped to you, OR, Cardstore will ship it to the recipient themselves! Now you don't have to worry about stamps, or making sure you get it out on time. How easy is that!? Get this, you also get to choose whether you want them to send it now, or you can schedule a date to send it, up to a year in advance! Now you never have to miss another birthday!
Finally, you get to see your cart. Look at that price! $3.49 for all that personalized goodness, so you can make it just how you want it, and so that your recipient feels so loved! Then, just a few extra cents for that stamp, and you have created a one-of-a-kind card for UNDER $4! I pay just about the same amount just for the card at Target! And then I have to do the shipping.

I don't know about you, but I am HOOKED! I'm so glad I got to play around with this website, and learn about it, because I will definitely be using it a lot in the future!

Thank you to for the free card to review your service! I was given a promo code for my card for free, but all opinions are my own!
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