Personalize and Cutesify with Washi!

I love washi tape! I literally have to talk myself out of buying any more right now when I'm at Target or when I see some on the daily deal sites, because I have way more than I need! But I love how many patterns and colors and whimsical designs can be on basic ole tape! It's like my school supply addict went to crafty and cutesy heaven! Hahaha!
Anywho, a few months ago I got bored with my plain white iPhone charger that everyone and their mom has, and that I was losing because I forgot which one was mine! So I spiffed it up with a little bit of Washi, and now I love it, and always know which one is mine! Here's what I did:
I used two different tapes to personalize the charger. I started with this gorgeous diamond mint patterned tape. Just two pieces, wrapped around the block will do the trick!
Then, I found a bicycle on my bicycle tape that worked perfectly, and laid a piece of that washi on top.
And that's all there is to it! I love how the bicycle tape is translucent so that the mint diamonds come through!
I also love how easy this is to change! When I get bored of this design, I can just peel off and start again!
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How do you personalize your things? Have you used washi tape to cutesify any of your chargers before? Show me your creativity! Tag me on Instagram or Twitter (@allieelliott) to show me your creations!
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  1. I love this! I'm totally doing this so I don't lose / get mine stolen anymore!


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