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I don't know about you, but I love having a crisp, clean, and smooth surface to write on and work with. I can't stand when my writing gets messed up because of the desk or table underneath, or when my desk gets damaged due to no protection. Well, today I have a great way to fix all of that and more with the help of desk pads! It is the Artistic Rhinolin II Desk Pad with Microban from!
This Desk Pad is one of Shoplet's many office supplies. I love that the surface of the pad is hard enough that writing on it is easy, yet soft enough that your laptop can comfortably sit on it. It's dimensions are great for most desks, as you can see in the picture below. My brother is using this as his make-shift desk at the moment!
It's finish is low-glare, which is very important when you are working with lamps and sitting there a while. I also love how the bottom of the pad has a great grip, so it won't slide around on you.
I like this desk pad compared to others, mainly because of the ultra-smooth writing surface, perfect to use any office stationary to write notes, letters, etc. on! It is also much thinner than other pads, which I like. Sometimes the puffy pads are not as realistic, and this is more like writing on a desk, rather than a pad.
Even though the surface is smooth, the items on my pad stay in place. It's also infused with Microban antimicrobial protection. The smooth surface is durable and washable too!
As you've seen above, the quality of the office supplies at Shoplet is awesome. But that's not all they carry! They have great promotional products, like their promotional shirts. I definitely love this desk pad and will continue to use it. If you need something to protect your desk, but still give you a great surface to work on, you should give the Artistic Rhinolin II Desk Pad with Microban a try!
Do you use a desk pad? Have you ever purchased something from Shoplet?
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