Happy Monday!

Hey there friends! Long time no see! I know, I know, I've put you guys on the back burner, but now you're up close and personal, and I have lots to share! Last week I whipped up 2 new recipes that are being debuted this and next week, and got some more writing done on Travel Tuesday posts! I've also been working a lot, digging into my Beth Moore Bible study, and enjoying AUTUMN!

Sunday mornings are always a highlight, not just because of church (which is awesome), but also because I get to spend it with some fantastic 3-year-olds! I teach Sunday school weekly, and love it. The kids are so cute (most of the time) and I consider it a privilege to teach them about God and His Word. You should HEAR them saying the 10 Commandments, knowing most of them by heart! Or singing and jumping and praising Jesus! I LOVE IT.

Yesterday I got to enjoy a GORGEOUS fall day outside with my doggy and my Bible study! It was absolutely glorious seeing the sun reflect off of the coloring trees.

I also did a little shopping on Saturday, mainly to find some more work shirts, but came across this gem.

Old Navy
It's an embellished sweatshirt! Perfect for fall, and layering. Plus, it was on sale for $20! I've really been wanting something like this, seeing all the adorable embellished sweatshirts and sweaters out there. It is SO comfortable too!

Oh, and a definite highlight this weekend, was when I woke up to an email on Saturday morning by the oh-so-lovely Chelsea, saying that I had won her giveaway!! Holy Smokes!! That just made me GLEEFULLY happy! So, just in case you were wondering, this is what I won!! THANK YOU CHELSEA + SPONSORS!!
**Update: Guess what?! Chelsea is now hosting her October Group Giveaway! And I'm one of her sponsors this month! You can win $120 to Target too! So go enter!

Alright, well I hope you have a great Monday! There's lots more in store this week on the blog, so make sure you come back tomorrow and link up for Travel Tuesday!

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  1. Have a fantastic week!
    ~Ashley @ A Cute Angle


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