Keeping My Calm: My Morning Routine

We have all heard the saying "Someone woke up on the right/wrong side of the bed this morning!" And I really believe that starting off your day on the right foot is important in how you follow through with your day. If your mind, heart, and body are in a good place, you'll be more relaxed and calm. But if you're rushed, and anxious, it's going to be hard to switch your mindset once the ball is rolling.
Alissa at Rags to Stitches has been vlogging about finding balance and de-stressing yourself and your life. I've loved her past two videos, and thought I would join in this coffee date as she finishes up this series. So here is my morning routine in a nutshell (and some other randomness going on this week!)!

So there you have it! Sorry about the longest vlog in history, but I had a lot to tell you this week! Hope you link up with us for Coffee Date!
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