Steals and Deals of Late!

I've said it before and I'll say it again. I am a sucker for a bargain. It is one of the biggest thrills calculating the money you can save on something. I love, more than anything else shopping-related, the thrill of the hunt. This definitely came from my mom, who is even more a bargain-hunter than I am! I go into a store and immediately am drawn to the clearance section. I look for the crazy deals, and then I'll pop into my save-me-money apps to see if I can save even more money! So today I thought I would share some of my recent deals!

1.Beauty Brands- Tarte eyeliner and Pedicure lotion by OPI
I stopped by Beauty Brands the other day, just to kill time and look around. I really had no purpose going in there, but 3 minutes in the building and I spotted the clearance section! Some items were 55% off and others were 85% off! I really had never been into a Beauty Brands except for one time looking for something specific that they didn't have. But now?! I saved almost $20 between the two items. Here's what I scored!
The Tarte Navy Eyeliner is a gorgeous cream eyeliner (my favorite formula to wear). I have already used it, and it goes on really smooth! As you can see in the photo of the receipt below, it was originally $18, and I got it 85% off, which was $5.04!
The Pedicure Cream by OPI is amazing! My feet get really callused wearing my shoes, and I needed a great foot cream to soften them up! This cream is really thick, yet creamy, and has an awesome green tea extract to break up those stubborn calluses. It has a light grapefruity smell, and it's worked great so far on my feet! This one was originally 12.96, and I ended up getting it for $6.73.
Together, I saved $19.18 overall!

2 JC Penney Leggings
I am a SUCKER for great leggings! They are what I love to wear during the chilly months (September through May), and they can be so fun and fashionable too! So, when I saw that JCP had some on sale a couple weeks ago, how could I say no!?

I got both of these colors for about $13 a piece, and saved about $7 total! These are something I'm willing to spend a little more on, because I wear them each several times a week 9 months out of the year.

3. Shellac Manicure
My favorite manicure for my nails is to get shellac. It lasts the longest, and just makes me feel complete. I haven't gotten one done in a few months because I'm trying to save and not spend as much, but I saw a Groupon a couple weeks ago for a shellac mani for $16, and couldn't pass it up! I'm planning on getting my nails done this weekend! Can't wait to show you via Instagram!

What have been your biggest steals and deals of late? What special deals do I need to know about?
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Allie Elliott


  1. What is Beauty Brands? We don't have one! I'm intrigued. I love how those leggings have a wider band at the top.

    FYI - last day for the giveaway!

    ~Ashley @ A Cute Angle

  2. Beauty Brands is a beauty supply store. It also has a salon and spa attached to it. It supplies all kinds of makeup, hair care, skin care, and body care! It's pretty neat!
    That's why I liked those leggings too!


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