Travel Tuesday: The Freedom Trail

Hey! So this past weekend was another doozy! Everyone else looks forward to the relaxing weekend, while I'm always WAY busier due to the retail world! I did have some fun, though! Sunday night we even roasted marshmallows over our fire pit :)!
Anywho, because I have had NO time to blog since Friday, my Travel Tuesday post is going to be short and sweet today! I've decided to talk about The Freedom Trail that my family walked in Boston, Massachusetts during our Summer 2012 Vacation .
If you love U.S. history, or even if you don't, this is such a cool thing to do if you are in Boston.
If you don't know what The Freedom Trail is, it is a walk through Boston that commemorates and lets you discover life in the time of The Revolution. This is how it is described on the website:
"Welcome to the Freedom Trail, a 2.5-mile, brick-lined route that leads you to 16 historically significant sites — each one an authentic treasure. Explore museums and meetinghouses, churches, and burying grounds. Learn about the brave people who shaped our nation. Discover the rich history of the American Revolution, as it began in Boston, where every step tells a story."
My family stayed in Boston before heading up to Maine, so we walked the Freedom Trail! It was so much fun, and chalk-full of American History!
This house above was Paul Revere's house! We got to tour it and how his family lived.
One of the really cool parts about the trail was that they kept some of the cool old Revolutionary buildings, that have now gotten mixed in with the modern skyscrapers! The old/new medium was very interesting.
The Freedom Trail is marked out by this brick laid into the concrete. This kept us on the trail all the way through the city!
This was the cemetery where the victims of the Boston Massacre were buried. We saw so many historical landmarks from this to government buildings, and everything in between.

As we were walking and saw different sites on the map, I noticed that one of them was the first public school landmark! They even have a street named "School Street." We kept looking for the actual school, and though it had been removed, there was a neat landmark embedded in the sidewalk.
You can get so much information on The Freedom Trail website, and I definitely encourage you to walk even a bit of the trail if you visit Boston, because it was amazing to see a slice of American history!

Have you walked The Freedom Trail before? What has been your favorite historical trip? I'd love for you to link up with me or leave a comment!

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  1. GRRR! I forgot about this again. I need to put it on the schedule for next week. Boston is such an awesome city. I didn't get to do this while I was there, but would love to make time for it and visit Boston again! Go Sox! Also, I loved how you featured Mackinac Island last time!!! It's about a 4 1/2 hour drive from where I live in Michigan. I still haven't been there!!

    FYI - giveaway at my blog!

    ~ Ashley @ A Cute Angle


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