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Happy Tuesday friends! Thanks for joining me for Travel Tuesday once again! If you're new to the link-up, check out my introduction page!
Today's post is a little different from the past couple of weeks. I started off with a few destinations I've been to (and loved). But I was inspired to do a little travel fashion post, so here we go!
Travel Must-Haves

I love creating "outfits" on Polyvore! Here's my must-haves for traveling, especially via airplane. I love the tunic and legging pair, because it's so comfy and effortless, yet can be fashionable. The leggings will help keep you warm in the air too!
Then, I love wedges to wear through the airport for a little more umph than a flat. They must be easy to put on and take off. Also, some sort of a sock is a must-have. I can't stand the grimy floor of the airport in the security area! I'm loving these wedge sneakers/booties.
A basic cardigan is perfect to keep warm in the plane, and covers a multitude of wrinkles! Haha!
I love a scarf for extra warmth and that pop of color. Fuchsia has been my favorite recently!
And you have got to have a cute carry-on bag! I love the ones that you can wear cross-body or carry with the handles.
Starbucks is a no-brainer. It's one of my favorite airport treats!
I love this vintage map iPhone case. It's on my list! And my iPhone goes everywhere with me, along with it's charger!
So what are your travel must-haves? What's your favorite traveling treat?

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