We Interrupt Your Normally Broadcasted Post for...

EXCITING NEWS GUYS!! My brother is ENGAGED! I'm finally going to have a SISTER (in-law)!! Collin proposed to Keirstyn last night, after saving up all summer and working like crazy for the ring! I'm so excited for them!

Aren't they the cutest?!?
Alrighty, now that I broke that amazing news... I have a little recap for you from the week:
In case you missed anything, here's the very little what's been going on in these neck of the woods this week!

Tuesday, I posted about The Freedom Trail in Boston, MA for Travel Tuesday! It's a U.S. history must!
Friday, I shared about my week and linked up for Coffee Date! Lots of family time, not a lot of bloggy time.
And here is what's been going on around the blogosphere:
 I love this post by Rachel on How to Grow your Blog...and Love It, Too. She has some great tips for any blogger!

Alison showed off The Next Thing You Need: Dressed Up Sweatshirts for Fall. Um, I love a cozy sweatshirt. Make it cute?! And I love it even more! Thanks Alison for adding to my wishlist!

Caitlin took me back to childhood with her fun TBT post on How to Play M.A.S.H. Who remembers?!? It was great fun reliving it!

Abby showed us "the light" of How to Stop Blogger from Compressing your Photos! I haven't noticed a ton before, but I can definitely see a difference in her photos!

And I just HAD to add a pumpkin treat to try! Chelsea's is perfect- just for you! It's a Pumpkin Spice Mug Cake. And make sure you check out her pictures! They make my mouth water! YUM!

Last little thought: So last night (Friday) I came home from work, EXHAUSTED, from a long day, and decided to rest my hurting foot by catching up on some TV. I started by watching Glee, the episode paying tribute to "Finn" or Cory Monteith. Um, I literally cried through the WHOLE thing. I've watched the show since season 1, and as the characters sang and cried, I cried with them. It was such a sweet tribute! Okay, then I decided to flip through channels, and found the What Not To Wear series finale! WHAT?!?! No more What Not To Wear?!! I know, I was devastated. And then I proceeded to cry along with Stacy and Clinton and Carmandy, because I have also watched their show for years. Let's just say it was an emotional night of watching TV, that I didn't really know I had coming.
Did you watch either of those shows? What did you think? What were some of your favorite posts this week?!
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  1. AH YAY!! Congrats that is so exciting!!

  2. Congratulations to your brother and your family! That's so exciting. Your box got returned to me! Can you e-mail me your address again? bloggerash703@gmail.com
    ~Ashley @ A CUte Angle


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