October Beauty Favorites

Hey there lovelies! Today I'm starting something new- doing a little Beauty Favorites video from things I've tried recently. I love watching these type of videos, so I thought I'd make one!

I had some fun with this, and I hope you learned about some new great products to try! Here is more information about the products and links to find them:

Fit Me Foundation and Concealer by Maybelline:
The Fit Me Foundation comes in 18 beautiful shades. I'm wearing Porcelain (110) in the video, though my favorite for my skin is Light Ivory (115). It costs around $7.99 at any drugstore or big box store, such as Target, Walmart, and Walgreens.
The Fit Me Concealer comes in six shades. I'm wearing and swatching the Light (10) color in the video. It costs around $6.50 and can be found where the matching foundation is sold.

Baby Lips by Maybelline:
I love the Baby Lips lip balms! I showed the Grape Vine and Pink Punch colors in the video, and am wearing Pink Punch. Since the release of the original Baby Lips, they have come out with the Electro and Dr. Rescue collections. The Baby Lips cost about $4 each, and can be found at drugstores and big box stores.

NYC HD Color Trio Eyeshadow:
This HD Color Trio Eyeshadow set I have is the Long Beach Sands (741) set, which contains three beautiful brown neutral colors, with a hint of shimmer. They cost around $2.99, and there are a variance of sets sold! This is sold at big box stores, and some drugstores.

Exaggerate Auto Waterproof Eye Definer by Rimmel London:
This is my favorite eye liner I've tried! It's the Exaggerate Eye Definer that is waterproof, retractable, and a cream base. It is SUPER easy to apply, and get very defined eyes. The waterproof formula lasts up to 10 hours! They have several colors, and black is the one I'm wearing and swatching in the video. The eye liner also has a smudger at the other end, to perfect the smokey eyes! Can be found at drugstores and big box stores for around $3.

Simple Cleansing Facial Wipes:
These Cleansing Wipes are incredible. They are strong enough to remove waterproof makeup, but soft enough for sensitive skin. No oils, dyes, alcohol, etc.! You can also pick these up at big box and drugstores for about $5.

True Blue Spa Fizzy Foaming Face Mask with Green Tea:
Unfortunately this is not being sold anymore at Bath and Body Works, but I'm sure you can find it at our semi-annual sale in January, or online. This mask works great! I love the fizzy foam that comes through the translucent formula you pump out. I love how it is lightweight, and it just wakes me up in the morning! If you get a chance to try this, DO IT!

Thanks for watching! Keep an eye out for my next video- Christmas, Bath and Body Works style!

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  2. I need to branch out of my no make up routine that's for sure! Loved the vid and thanks for sharing all the info! Found you thru Alissa's link up!

  3. Love the Baby Lips you sent me. Can't get enough! I want to try the mask. Thanks for the tip!

    ~Ashley @ A Cute Angle

  4. So glad you like them too! I feel like everyone who actually tries them falls in love!

  5. Haha! Thanks for following! I definitely went through a minimal makeup phase too. I've been watching a LOT of youtube beauty videos and I am super inspired now! I feel like there are so many easy and great products out there :)


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