Winners and Countdown to V-Day!

Happy Friday! I hope you had a great week! Today is the day...I'm announcing the THREE winners of my recent giveaway! First, let me give a GIANT thank you to each and  every one of you who gave me feedback! It was awesome to hear from you, and get ideas and feedback, and I am so grateful for you all! Also, this was my best giveaway yet as far as numbers go! You guys rocked the Twitter world with sharing my giveaway! Anyways, now the moment you've all been waiting for! My three winners are:
Congratulations Callie, Jasanna, and Kelly! Your $15 Target Gift Cards are on their way to you via email! I had SO much fun with this giveaway, and I thank you all again! I'm brainstorming for my next one, and am thinking it will be one for my 2nd Blogiversary! So if you want to help out with that giveaway, let me know!

Can you believe Valentine's Day is only four weeks away!?! It's such a fun holiday, with the red and the pink and all the hearts and love blooming!! This year, I've decided to make Valentine's Day even more fun with decorating for it, sharing the love, and blogging about what I'm doing! So for the next four Fridays, I'll be sharing my Valentines fun with you! DIYs, recipes, and ways to spread some love! So tune in each Friday! Today, I'm kicking it off with a couple really easy and cute decorations to brighten up your space!

For my two DIYs you will need:
Heart Ornaments: you can make these yourself by punching a hole through heart-shaped felt, or I bought mine at target in the dollar section after last Christmas.
Twine, Ribbon, or Yarn
Tulle, for decoration (optional)

DIY #1: Hanging Hearts

This DIY is SO easy, especially having ornaments, with the built in loop in the top! So start with one heart:
Punch another hole (if there isn't already one) in the bottom of that heart, and loop the string of another heart up through the hole like so:
And then pull the second heart (the purple one above) through the loop to connect it to the first one.
Pull tight!
And repeat! 
Then, hang on your wall using the string attached to the top heart. I stick a Command hook on the wall to make for easy removal after the holiday!
I hung mine in a small narrow area in my bedroom, which added the perfect touch! But you can hang it ANYWHERE, and add some V-Day fun!

DIY #2: Heart-"Felt" Garland
I'm a giant sucker for garlands! I love them and think they make the cutest decor, seasonal and all year round! Plus, this one is SO easy, which is always awesome!

Start by cutting your yarn. I did three strands that were 2 full arms lengths, but you can do any length that will fit the area you're wanting to decorate.
Tie a knot at each end to secure. You can also braid the yarn if you want that kind of look.

Then add your hearts! If your heart isn't already an ornament, make sure you have a loop of string at the top, and then do just like you did above to sort of tie the heart to the yarn, by looping it around and through.

 And repeat until you're happy with the amount of hearts!

And then hang where you desire!

Thanks for reading this first Countdown to V-Day post! Let me know if you liked these tutorials! If you make any of the DIYs in my series, share on Twitter and Instagram tagging @allieelliott and using the hashtag #GypsyTeacherValentine! Thanks guys!
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