Throwback Thursday: Valentine's Day Pins!

Hello lovely people! Since we are less than a month a way from Valentine's Day, I thought I would do a throwback post and repost a popular post from last year. It's my LOVE-Pinterest Style post! This post has had a lot of views lately, and I realized a few weeks ago, that they weren't seeing any pins! Remember that time when Pinterest changed how you embed pins into your blog posts? (It was around the time they updated the interface.) Well, if you have any posts with pins in them from before that time, the pins don't show up. MAJOR sad face. I decided this week that I'd tackle this post, so I re-embedded the pins so they show up again now! I hope you guys get some ideas on how to celebrate your Valentine's Day! And, as requested, I will be doing some DIY Décor posts coming up, some for Valentine's Day! So sit back, relax, and get pinning!!
How are you spending Valentine's Day? I will be in the air most of the day, or maybe staying in San Francisco or Houston! Well, though my day may not be romantic, I still love LOVE!
Here are some of my favorite Valentine's pins:

CieraHolzenthal on Pinterest.

And with all of this pinning we have to link up with the lovely Michelle...
Remember to tell someone you love them tomorrow! I love all of you and will be home SOON!
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