Spring Boho Curls Tutorial

Happy May Day! I hope you are having a lovely spring! Today I'm here to show you one of my favorite hair styles for spring. It's a really easy and effortless way to curl your hair to create bohemian curls that are messy and fun for this time of year!

If you decide to try this hairstyle out, please snap a picture and tag me on Instagram or Twitter so I can see your masterpiece: @allieelliott!! And stay tuned for my spring style video coming soon!
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Allie Elliott


  1. Let's see if I can make this work... I never can! Haha thanks do sharing

  2. Yes! Give it a try! It takes a while to get used to doing it, so don't give up! But I love the different look it gives the hair. Let me know how it goes ;D


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