SUMMER TRAVELS ~ Easy Games/Activities to Pass Time!

Hey friends! I can't believe it's already the end of this fun week of Summer Travels! I hope you enjoyed reading my posts all about summertime traveling! I had so much fun writing them and brainstorming! I am officially back from my vacation, and trying to get back into the swing of things. I will have a trip recap post coming next week so you can see what I did in Colorado!! But first, let's get into today's post!

I don't know about you, but for me, there's always a stretch of time while traveling where I am BORED. Unfortunately reading/writing/etc. in the car makes me carsick, so that's always out of the question. So, while I was on the way back from my trip to Colorado I brainstormed some simple and easy activities for your next trip to keep you and those around you occupied and having fun!
The ABC Game
This game has been a CLASSIC for my family road trips, ever since I was young! It's a great way to help younger children to recognize letters and read words, and you never know what vocabulary or discussions you might delve into!
How We Play: Each player, at the start of the game, will look for a word outside the car (bill boards, cars, establishment signs, etc.) with the letter A in it. Once you find a word with the A in it, you say it out loud, something like "a - Omaha" and then move onto B... and so on, and so forth. You are trying to get through every letter of the alphabet as fast as you can, because the player who works their way all the way from A to Z (in order) will win!!
I love this game because sometimes I even like to play it alone (in my head of course) for fun! Like I said before, this is an easy game for elementary-aged children to practice their letter recognition skills too. Perfect to keep their minds' sharp during the summer!
Magazine Scavenger Hunt
I love bringing some fun magazines with me on my summer trips. Or even if I forget them, I'll pick some up at a gas station or magazine stand in the airport. I like that they are easy reads, and don't have quite much as significance if they get left somewhere, or get wet at the pool, etc. I also love scavenger hunts! I don't know if it's the competitiveness in me or what, but I think they are SO MUCH FUN! Combine the two, and we have my new favorite activity!
How We Play: Use one of my pre-made lists  or make your own. Each player should have their own magazine to use. Set a timer for what you think is a reasonable amount of time to find the items. Then, each player will scavenge through their magazine, tearing out something for as many items on the list they can find! Whoever has the most (and correct) items at the end of the allotted time, WINS!!
This can be done ANYWHERE! Planes, Trains, and Automobiles! I think it'll be fun to do this for any season, and I'd love to see your scavenger hunt lists and what you come up with!!
Name that Tune
Funny story...when my family first "upgraded" to our Yukon XL (which was EONS ago!! Or maybe just about 10 years), we got XM Radio! It's basically a nationwide radio that has TONS of stations, like hundreds! And it plays just about anywhere! I'm sure you guys know what it is, but back then, we had no idea how awesome it really was! Anyways, we first got the car right before a road trip. So, of course, we had to check out all the awesome features! There was a DVD player for the backseat (I think the first videos we watched on there were Space Jam and Lassie...LOL!!), and, obviously, it had XM Radio! Well, during this road trip, my parents discovered to decades radio stations (the 60's, the 70's, etc.). What they didn't realize, is that the radio tells you the artist and the name of the song, on the display, if you push a button! So they spent the WHOLE trip guessing what the songs were called and who they were by (Shazam was not a thing back then either...). After the trip, they did realize what it did, but it's STILL fun to try and guess the song name and artist (and not just on the oldies stations!)!
How We Play: This works best if you do have an internet radio in your car or on your phone or musical device. If you don't, one person will have to do the song choosing! It's super simple! Play the song, and whoever guesses it right first gets a point! Whoever has the most points at the end wins! The great thing about XM radio is they have ALL KINDS of stations! From top hits, to family-friendly songs, Coffeehouse jams, and even hard metal! Whatever kind of music you're into, they have!
License Plate Game
This game is more of a team sport! It works best if your road trip is long, and if you're going across the country! But it doesn't just have to be for one trip! Keep the records in a seat pocket and see how quickly you can win!
How We Play: Get a notebook/piece of paper and a pen to keep in the car. As you travel, try to spot as many different states' license plates as possible! As you find a license plate, write that state down on your list! You can also write down any memories you might have as you are driving, to remind you of when you spotted that state plate! It's simple, but fun! It's something the whole family can be part of, and see how fast you can find all 50 plates!

What's Missing? Game
This game is great if you have a long layover in an airport, or if your at a restaurant with youngin's that are getting a bit restless! It doesn't require anything extra, and those with a keen eye for missing things will rock this game!
How We Play: Start by setting a little barrier for the game, of where the game will be played. Is it on your table in the restaurant?! Or in your luggage pile at the airport?! Setting boundaries is super important so the game goes smooth and no one gets cranky! Take turns being "it", and while the rest of the players have their eyes closed, the person who is "it" removes an item from the playing area. It could be a fork, a pillow, a salt shaker, a magazine, etc. And he/she hides it. Once the missing item is completely concealed, everyone will open their eyes and try to guess what went missing! The first person to figure it out and guess the item correctly, WINS! And he/she becomes it next!

Those are some of my top games and activities to keep you sane while traveling! What do you do to blast boredom?! What's your favorite road trip game?! Any crazy airport layover stories?!? Let me know down in the comments!

Much Love, Allie

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