Bedroom Decor Inspiration!

Since moving home after college two years ago, my mom and I have been trying to decorate my bedroom. We moved houses while I was at college so all I have is a random extra bed, an old dresser, and blank white walls. I am totally fine with all of that, but we are wanting to make it a little more personalized and fun! It's taken me a while to decide what exactly I want, but I have finally made up my mind (I think!!). I've been pinning away the past few weeks, because, as you know, I'm going to AFRICA NEXT WEEK! So, my lovely mom offered to decorate for me! I've been trying to give her as much inspiration as possible for what I want, and I thought I'd show you guys my vision!!

Color Scheme

My color scheme vision is grays and white with a pop of purple and lots of glam silver and mirrored pieces! My favorite neutral color is gray, and I love the combination of gray and white. It's clean, modern, yet can take a very vintage spin. I also really want a mixture of hues and textures. I want to keep things pretty simple as far as colors go, so that I can play up the textures and have that pop of purple, which is my favorite color!

Furniture Features
 My first furniture piece I want to feature is a headboard. I really love the tufted look. I want a headboard where I can prop myself up against and be comfy, but still have it looking good. I also LOVE the ones that have the sides coming out too! It gives a vintage feel while still being modern.
I also want mirrored furniture pieces! I am so drawn to this style right now. I love how it can give some glam to a basic style. I also love that it's almost another texture/pattern, and it adds a special something to a room! I'm all about the juxtaposition of vintage and modern, and these pieces are exactly that!
Room Inspirations
 I LOVE this room! First of all, the colors. And the bed! I also really like the wall sconces and drapes. I love how they've incorporated different textures and patterns with the pillows and bedding. It's neutral yet ethereal and I love everything about it!
 I love the metallic headboard! Again with the mixture of textures, my favorite! And the nightstand is practical, while holding a fun vintage-style lamp!
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What's your dream bedroom look like?! Tag me on Pinterest or leave a link below! I would love to check out your style!
Much Love, Allie

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  1. My dream bedroom is very similar to yours. I want fresh but I also want sophisticated and the colors you've picked are ideal for that. Hopefully, when I move out I can finally get started on my dream bedroom.


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