Probably the only place you'll find Pineapple Mint Juice in Tanzania!

One place that I have been to twice now near Moshi is what we call Melinda's. It's the most American-like place here, and I've got to say, it's quite the retreat! Melinda is a Dutch woman (I think) whose husband's job moved them here to Moshi. She built this HUGE house out on a bunch of farmland (some of which is theirs) with a pool, and big grassy area out back. She has her own catering business, and then during the weekends turns her house into the perfect lunch resort-like spot! There is a play area for the kids, the pool, and she and her kitchen staff make lunch and AH-MAZING desserts from her kitchen! It's a pretty amazing place. Let's let the pictures do the talking!

So this is Melinda's! We are looking out from the lawn onto the pool and the house! Off to the left is the parking area, and through those french doors is where the magic happens ;)

This is a small area of the lawn/eating and lounging area. They have picnic tables set up as well as couches and chairs, and lots of blankets for extra seating. Like I said before, it's the most American thing you will get here in Moshi, so we see a lot of the Western missionary families here. Back to the left is the play structure for the children.

The first time we visited Melinda's, I got dessert. And, man, was it DELICIOUS! She makes this chocolate cake herself with whipped cream and strawberries in the middle and on top! And she garnishes each plate so whimsically- fresh flowers on the desserts!

At the back of the lawn area there are rows of coffee plants! She grows a lot of what she serves on the property, makes her own cheese, etc. It's quite incredible!
This is a view from the back of the lawn. There is a GIANT really cool tree to the left, and you can see the house straight ahead. She has also hung swings and hammocks between the trees and made this place very unique!

I also ordered the pineapple mint juice while we were there! She literally blends mint leaves and pineapple together, and you get this beauty! It was SO tasty and refreshing! I'm going to try to make my own sometime!
Now back to this very awesome tree! It must be very old because it is huge! I love all the intertwined roots.
 And here is what you see when you look up standing by the tree. God's creation has so much splendor, I can't even handle it!

 If the kids aren't in the pool or running around with their friends, you can usually see a few lounging on the blankets Melinda sets out. This is Cyrus, one of Ryan and Stacy's children. He is also in my first grade class! He is such a cutie, and has personality for DAYS!!

I hope you enjoyed coming with me on my journey to a new place about 30 minutes from where I'm living. It's a fun oasis, and I know it'll be perfect for those weeks where I'm needing a breather! I love Melinda's too, as a cook, because I love seeing all of her creations and flavor combinations. She is so creative!

Much Love, Allie

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