A Much-Needed Five Day Weekend pt. 2

It's taken me longer than I thought to finish writing about last weekend, due to the longest two-day week of school ever accompanied by some technical difficulties with my internet stick. But I'm back for part two! If you missed the first part of my best weekend yet in Tanzania, catch up with this post! I left off showing you the fantastic Bed and Breakfast we stayed at all day and night Monday. It's quite the incredible location!
A few steps down a path from the pool is this river, with all of the lush plants surrounding it! I love the play of colors.

 I love these purple flowers, as purple is my favorite color! I really like the mixture of pastel and vibrant purple!

After an amazing day in the sun with the Global Effect fam, we parted ways, as three of the families went back to Moshi. Myself, my roommate Cynthia, the Battersons, and Hope's administrator Jenn stayed the night. We had a delicious meal at the clubhouse that evening in the garden, right off of the golf course there.

They opened the place up, just for us, about ten days before their re-opening due to remodel. It is a beautiful place!

After several rave reviews, we all had to try the steak with garlic and herb butter! It was so good! Definitely a fun treat!

Ryan said that if you look on Google Maps for the TPC plantation, you will notice that everywhere around it is brown, but the plantation is green due to all the sugarcane! I love how lush everything is there.

I have a thing for purple flowers! This tree was so cool, because, from the same stem came different colored flowers! I just thought they were so beautiful.

After dinner, we went back to the B&B for some Apples to Apples before bed. This is how the living room looks:

We even had air conditioning in each bedroom! It was glorious! Here is the bedroom where I stayed. The sliding doors went out into the backyard.

The next morning we woke up and got packed, and had a delicious breakfast prepared for us!

Then we went driving back through the fields of sugarcane to Moshi, picked up some friends, and headed to Arusha- a larger city about 2 hours away from Moshi.

The scenery on the way up there was STUNNING.

Because Arusha is a bigger city, we had to be really careful with our valuable items (cameras, phones, purses, etc.). I wasn't able to take any pictures of the city, but we did go to a fun restaurant for lunch, where it was safe to take some. The restaurant we went to was the Blue Heron.
I love Love LOVE all of the pillows on this furniture! And the furniture itself! They are so bohemian-looking. It's an outdoor restaurant with these type tables and regular sit-down tables too. It was all tucked away in this garden-like setting!

Even the table numbers, so organic! And there was a huge fountain in the middle. It's like a little paradise in the middle of the city!

They created the juice bar next to this cool tree and attached the sign onto the branches! Love it!

I was CRAVING some pesto, and this veggie open lasagna hit the spot! They make the pesto with cashew nuts, which I definitely want to try out myself. I actually would love to have a little potted herb garden with cilantro, basil, mint, etc.! It's my next project, ;),

After lunch we went to the Maasai Market. The Maasai are a ethnic group in Northern Tanzania and Southern Kenya. Anyways, there are these Maasai Markets in some areas where the people sell goods they've made. They want to try to get wazungus (westerners) to spend a lot of money on the goods, so it's all a haggling game. I got some pretty good deals for my first time, and though it was quite hectic at times, with several people who have the same things trying to coerce you to come into their shop, it was pretty fun! I got some great Christmas gifts, along with the items pictured above- bookmarks and jewelry bowls! I was very thankful for our friends and fellow missionaries who had been there before, volunteering best prices and keeping us out of trouble!

It was a weekend I won't forget! I'm so grateful for the opportunity to see things I might not see and go places that I might not go, thanks to Global Effect!
This week I have my first ever parent-teacher conferences on Friday! It's crazy that I've been here for almost two months already!

Much Love, Allie

A Much-Needed Five Day Weekend pt. 1

This extended weekend due to a school break has been the best weekend yet in Tanzania! We had/have Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday off this week along with the weekend, so it was the perfect time for FUN! We cooked up a storm, broke in the pool in our backyard, and then went on an amazing excursion with the Global Effect fam! It was so fantastic to be able to relax, build relationships, and explore! I've learned that pictures really do not capture the awe-inspiring beauty of this place, but I tried to capture a tiny bit of it!
I started my Saturday morning off with a trip to Memoria- a gigantic outdoor market where they sell used items from America! Cynthia and I went with some friends, and we were on the hunt for some kitchen towels! We found several, as well as some tee shirts with pictures of animals on them for a friend's project. The items here are CHEAP! Some of the shirts were 500 shillings...which is like $.30! As in 30 CENTS!
The only downer about Memoria on this particular morning was the fact that I got a sunburn on my neck/chest area...but not on my face...don't know how I managed that!
Then we went back home to cook! I offered to make a meal for some friends, also missionaries a part of Global Effect, who left for a furlough to California today. They are going back to have their baby boy!  So Cynthia and I made beef enchiladas, with homemade tortillas and homemade sauce, along with refried beans and peanut butter cookies. Everything turned out delicious!
Funny thing... after cooking our enchiladas, beans, cookies, and guac. for a midday snack, we ended up going out for "street meat" with some friends! (Don't worry, we enjoyed the fruits of our labor the next night ;)) We went to a "new" place (for us) called Naseebs! We sat on the sidewalk, bought our own ketchup from a shop up the road, and people watched as the sun set! It was lots of fun! Then we went back to their house to play Nerts- a fun and fast-paced card game!
 Sunday was INCREDIBLE. We began the day with our Global Effect team ministering at a village church called El Shaddai. It was a beautiful morning, filled with worship, speaking into the lives of the congregation, and an awesome sermon by Ryan and translated by Francis! I seriously loved it.
(This photo and the one above were taken by Amanda!)
 We then had lunch with the crew, and came back to the house. The pool finally got filled, the weather was finally warm enough, so we decided to "break in" the pool! It was COLD, but really fun! We invited some friends over to enjoy it with us! Here is Cynthia, with Madison and Mackenzie, who snuck underwater while I was taking the picture!

Sunday evening we prepared for our two-day excursion, and I made Monster Cookies! I swapped out chocolate chips and M&M's for Snickers bars! I just chopped them into little pieces and they were DELISH! Everyone enjoyed them the next day!
 Monday morning we headed out to TPC- a huge sugarcane farm outside Moshi. They rent out the owner's house as a Bed and Breakfast when the he is away. It is incredible, and was such a great retreat from daily life! All of the Global Effect missionaries caravan-ed out there, and spent the day together! The house has a HUGE yard with an awesome pool. We had so much fun swimming and spending time together!

This is the B&B where we stayed! It was really nice.

This is what you see looking out from the back porch. It is paradise!

 I love all the different plants and flowers mixed in with each other. It's a work of art!

 This was the pool area. It was beautiful, and perfect for our group! The temperature of the water was really good. We had lunch out here under the awning!
Here's a view of the backyard standing by the overhang by the pool. There was plenty of space for us to spread out, and have lots of fun!

I was going to include everything in this one post, but I figured it was getting long enough! Part two of my 5-Day Weekend will come tomorrow! That will include the evening of Monday and Tuesday! I am seriously so blessed to be part of an organization that values rest! It was such refreshing time, growing relationships and having a ball!

Much Love, Allie